Wileyfox Spark review

GOT A MATCH? It seems like we’ve been harping on about the tussle in the budget smartphone market for months.

The Wileyfox Spark is the British phone maker’s third attempt at gaining some dominance, and at £89.99 it’s managed to undercut Moto, Honor, Obi, Vodafone and others. But does that make it any good?

The Spark’s all-plastic build makes sense given the asking price. It also has the smallest footprint for a five-incher at just 143×70.4×8.65mm.


At a lithe 135g we can’t help feeling that the Spark is almost too light (not a criticism we’re used to doling out). Remove the battery and the Spark’s budget build is on display. It’s also hard to escape that unnerving clattering sound when placing it down on a hard surface.

The nondescript buttons that line the left and right sides match the facelessness of the device. Yes it’s super affordable but Wileyfox needed to pull out something special with the likes of the Moto G nipping at its heels. We can’t shake the feeling that it’s all just a little boring. The baby of the group is clearly underdeveloped compared with the Spark + and Spark X.


There is some light in the dark. The matte plastic rear that hides the removable battery feels pleasing to the touch. It’s a grippy texture that reminds us of OnePlus’ Sandstone finish. What’s more, we appreciate the flash of orange that decorates the earpiece, and the angular Wileyfox logo on the rear.

Meanwhile, you’ll find Dual SIM slots and space for a microSD nestling near the battery.

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