What’s on your iPhone 7 wish list?

If Apple asked you what you wanted for iPhone 7, what would you tell them?

iPhone 7 — or whatever Apple calls the next version of their flagship product — will likely be shown off in just over a month, and in our greedy little gadget hands just a short time thereafter. Once an Apple executive holds it up on stage, though, that’s it. We’ll know all about it. Reality will have set it. Now, though, as excitement is building, rumors are flying, but facts are few and far between, we can still dream. So, if Apple asked you what you wanted to see in the next iPhone, what would you tell them?

  • Water resistance at IP8 levels (better than Apple Watch).
  • Flagship 4-inch model. (Please don’t call it the iPhone 7 Minus!)
  • Metallic purple or blue finish.
  • Space black that’s really black finish.
  • Smart Connector for accessories
  • Second camera for wide-angle.
  • Second camera for better low-light.
  • P3 wide color gamut/HDR screen
  • True Tone dynamic color calibration.
  • Higher density displays.
  • Bigger battery.
  • Hidden antenna lines.

Those are just some ideas, for those hoping for a 4K display for VR, a double-heavy battery to catch more Pokemon, a camera so the DSLR can finally stay home, or simply new shades of bling. But I want to hear your ideas.

What’s on your iPhone 7 wish-list?

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