What would you change about Apple Watch Series 2?

Now that Apple Watch Series 2 is here, what do you want to see done differently for Series 3?

Apple Watch Series 2 launched in September — though many people are still struggling to find them in stock before November — and it brings great new features like a brighter OLED display, full-on swim-proofing for water workouts, longer battery life, GPS for iPhone-free route tracking, and new variants like the upcoming Apple Watch Nike+. But no iteration is ever perfect, so if Apple asked you what you wanted to see in Apple Watch Series 3 hardware, what would you say?

  • Ambient display technology so you can see the current time all the time.
  • Thinner, so it fits under dress cuffs.
  • Larger 46mm casing size for people who like big watches BIG.
  • Round casing for people who don’t like square watches.
  • Even faster Apple S3 system-in-a-package.
  • LTE networking for true iPhone independence.
  • Additional sensors for even better health tracking.
  • Titanium and other new casing materials.
  • Even more designer partnerships, like Hermès and Nike.

Yeah, get more available online and in stores faster. Apple Watch Series 2 has been near-depletion since launch and that makes no one happy, not customers, not Apple Store, no one. Now on to the hardware!

Personally, I’m not against a round casing but current interfaces are as poorly served by it as a Mac or your TV would be with a porthold-shaped display. If Apple ever went that way, I’d expect they’d take the time to make an interface that not only doesn’t suffer from having its corners cut off, but benefits from it in some novel way.

And just because most watches used to be round doesn’t mean smart watches will be. Cars used to be shaped like carriages and phones like bananas, but new technology led to new designs.

Much of this comes down to personal taste, though, and the limits of current technology. Make it thinner and you can’t fit as much battery for GPS, much less LTE. Likewise, the more you add, the hotter it gets. It all comes down to finding the right balance.

So, putting all software concerns aside, If you had Jony Ive’s ear, what would you ask him to do with Apple Watch 2?

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