Verizon discontinued its bad smartwatch

Verizon has discontinued its Wear24 smartwatch only four months after its release. Android Police first spotted the takedown, and Verizon separately confirmed the news to The Verge. If you try to navigate to the watch’s initial landing page, you’ll be redirected to a support page for the wearable.

The Android Wear 2.0 device launched in May for $350. We didn’t think it was very good, and clearly it didn’t sell well. At the time, we pointed out that the actual hardware was mediocre, including the built-in speakers. The software also encouraged wearers to use Verizon’s Messaging app both on their phone and the watch. This app highlights words and turns them into monetized links. That’s a feature no one wants.

Dieter Bohn’s review called this watch an upsell that carriers tried to sell to customers as a way to make a little more money, just like how they used to sell no-name Android tablets. Apparently, people don’t want to buy an expensive-but-cheap-looking smartwatch from their phone carrier. Shocker.

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