Top 5 apps to check out this week

The Play Store is an endless resource for apps of all kinds where many new apps are added every week. So where to start when you want to discover something new? AndroidPIT of course. Without further ado, here’s our picks of the week.

Stranger Things: The Game

Season 2 of Netflix’s smash hit series will be out this month so the hype begins. Not just a smart promotional tool, Netflix really got this right employing a nostalgia-rich pixel style remeniscent of Super Nintendo hits like Startropics. You start off playing as Cheif Hopper but you get to unlock other characters with different abilities throughout the game in metroidvania style. Get your ghostbuster suit on and step into the Upsidown.

Download Stranger Things: The Game from the Play Store

Vaporwave Wallpapers

While we’re on the nostalgia train, here’s another app for anyone who can appreciate anything from casette tapes to Windows 95. Vaporwave wallpaper is a pretty simple app with a ton of different themed wallpaper images to chose from. If you thought Vaporwave aesthetic was specific enough, think again. There are many out there but this app had the most variety. Only downside is the intrusive adds that pop up once you set an image as the desktop.

Screenshot 20171006 185453 1
It doesn’t get more random than this. Wait, actually it does. / © Vaporwave Wallpapers

Download Vaporwave Wallpapers from the Play Store

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Released ahead of Monolith’s AAA version, the free mobile game is a meaty offering all on its own. Essentially a strategy game with action RPG elements, you control heroes drawn from Shadow of War, its predecessor Shadow of Mordor, and the Lord of the Rings film trilogy in a series of small scale battles. As in the PC/console version, the game uses the Nemesis system and Talion can enslave orcs and use them for the cause of good.

Download Middle Earth: Shadow of War from the Play Store

8bit Photo Lab

Yes you’ll probably notice there’s a theme here this week. Maybe it’s the fall nostalgia for better times past. Anyhow, we all love to tweak and enhance our photos, but for geeks of a certain age, there’s a retro aesthetic that appeals even more than sepia-toned ‘vintage’ shots. 8-Bit photo lab lets pixellate your photos in imitation of the graphics from classic machines such as the GameBoy, Commodore 64, and many more.

Download 8bit Photo Lab from the Play Store

Offline Survival Manual

Whether you’re on a hiking trip or find yourself in the midst of the apocalypse, this survival manual helpfully reminds you that the fact that it works offline, is truly helpful in surviving extreme situations. So what we do when we can’t navigate via Google maps or find shelter with AirBnB? Out in the wild Offline Survival Manual could be a literal life-saver, with tips on how to build a shelter or a fire, find food and water out in the wilderness, and perform basic first aid, among other useful skills.

Navigation and survival tips are available from any environment from the driest desert to out on the open sea. Someone seriously did their homework.

Screenshot 20171006 184321 1
If you fear snakes, well, you better find out how to stop the fear. / © Offline Survival Manual

Download Offline Survival Manual from the Play Store

Enjoy any of these? Got any suggestions of your own. Tell us which apps/games you just can’t live without right now. 

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