This OnePlus 5 leak could be our best glimpse at the phone yet

A new OnePlus 5 leak could reveal key details about the upcoming flagship smartphone.

OnePlus has been keeping quiet about its next big phone launch, so the world is largely in the dark. However, tech blog India Today Tech claims to have procured a render of the OnePlus 5, which was “sourced from people who have seen the phone, and possibly worked on the OnePlus 5”.

Of course, there’s no way for us to verify this particular image, so there’s every chance that it’s little more than a well-designed concept. We’ve asked OnePlus for comment and will update this article with any response.

oneplus 5Image Credit: India Today Tech

In any case, the image is probably a fairly accurate depiction of what we should expect to see from the OnePlus 5. For instance, there’s clearly a dual-camera module, a feature that’s quickly becoming par for the course for high-end handsets. For instance, the Huawei P10 and LG G6 use the same setup, as well as Apple’s recently launched iPhone 7 Plus. It’s also widely tipped that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will follow suit later this year.

So what else? Well this alleged OnePlus 5 also borrows the design we saw from last year’s OnePlus 3T. Specifically, it looks like we’ll see a repeat of the metal frame made from brushed aluminium, with rounded edges.

Importantly, there doesn’t appear to be a fingerprint scanner on the back of the handset, which suggests that it may be embedded on the front, or possibly even beneath the display – as is rumoured to be the case with the upcoming iPhone 8.

There’s not much else we can garner from this leak, unfortunately. As an educated guess, it would seem likely that the new OnePlus phone will use the Snapdragon 835, as that’s Qualcomm’s latest and greatest mobile processor. We’d also expect to see 64GB of storage, as that’s quickly becoming the industry standard – and was the default option for the OnePlus 3T.

It’s also worth noting that the handset is rumoured to be called OnePlus 5 rather than OnePlus 4. This is supposedly due to prominent Chinese superstitions around the number four that associate the digit with bad luck.

We’d expect the OnePlus 5 to launch in the first half of 2017. However, we haven’t heard anything official from OnePlus on the matter, so take all of this with due caution.


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