These are the HTC Vive games launching in January 2018

Here’s what’s new on the HTC Vive for the month of January 2018!

A number of interesting titles are set to release for the HTC Vive this month, fit for the fan of any of virtual reality genre. Although we won’t be getting any highly anticipated releases from big studios, some indie gems are on the horizon. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of all the HTC Vive games releasing over the month of December 2017.

Note: This list is compiled from Steam store listings at the start of the month.

Our pick for this month


If you’re up for a good zombie shooter in VR, and you’re even more down for that experience being multiplayer, the folks at Candymakers have something special for you this month.

SURV1V3 looks like a ton of fun, and when the game launches on December 29th there’s going to be lots of friends to play with.

See at Steam

More HTC Vive releases this January

  • Battlemage Training (Jan 6)
  • DynamixVR – D.R.I.L.L. (Jan 8)
  • COMPLEX (Jan 8)
  • Westard (Jan 10)
  • Namaste Virtual Yoga Retreat (Jan 12)
  • Kamikazo VR (Jan 12)
  • Internal Light VR (Jan 12)
  • Stunt Corgi VR (Jan 15)
  • Light Tracer (Jan 15)
  • Coaster (Jan 15)
  • Zeppelin VR (Jan 16)
  • Progeny VR(Jan 16)
  • Zombie City (Jan 16)
  • Cubians : Rescue Princess (Jan 16)
  • Idol Quest VR (Jan 19)
  • STAR SAGA ONE (Jan 19)
  • Nemesis Realms (Jan 22)
  • Prana (Jan 23)
  • Mike was Сursed (Jan 29)
  • Cold Iron (Jan 30)
  • Data Thief (Jan 30)
  • Ancient Code VR (Jan 31)

Titles confirmed for some time in January 2018

  • Day of Destruction
  • Unbound
  • John Lazarus – Episode 1
  • Highway Madness
  • JetX
  • Shinrin-yoku: Forest Meditation and Relaxation
  • Planet Guardian VR
  • Kung Fu All-Star VR
  • Rosebaker’s Icy Treats

What will you be playing?

Which HTC Vive titles will you be picking up this month? Already catching up on an existing backlog? Make sure to let us know in the comments section!

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