There Still Are Banks That Believe in Windows Phone

They say Windows Phone is dead and judging from the number of users and developers leaving the platform, it’s not hard to understand why so many people believe this.

Banks have been among companies that decided to focus more on iOS and Android and invest less in or even abandon Windows Phone apps, but despite the decline the platform seems to be experiencing these days, there still are a few names that continue to believe in Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Chase Bank, for example, will soon add Microsoft Wallet support, after several other banks joined the list, and now Windows 10 Mobile users are getting a significant update, this time from the UK-based NatWest.

New app version with Continuum

The British bank has released an update for Windows 10 Mobile devices that includes a completely new look and feel, as well as new features such as reminders of your customer number, as well as Continuum support. This means that you can plug in your Windows 10 Mobile phone to the adapter and connect it to an external screen to enjoy the mobile banking services offered by NatWest on a bigger display.

“The NatWest Mobile Banking app is available to NatWest Personal and Business customers with Online Banking, who are over 11 and have a UK mobile number starting with 07.  Once you’ve downloaded the app registering is simple, all you need to hand is your Online Banking customer number, PIN and password to get access straight away,” the app description reads.

Windows 10 Mobile is currently below the 1 percent market share threshold, but fortunately, there are developers who still don’t see any reason to abandon the platform and actually continue improving their apps.

WhatsApp, for instance, is one of the companies that release updates for their Windows Phone app quite frequently, but it’ll be hard to maintain developer interest at the same level without Microsoft becoming more active in the mobile industry too. Rumor has it that the Lumia brand will be discontinued very soon and this will only be super bad news for everyone in the ecosystem.

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