The 7 biggest mistakes you can make when buying a smartphone

Don’t trust TV commercials

Right there, during the commercial break of your favorite show, that beautiful device glides through the air. With perfect lighting and a high quality video. It dances in fluttering clouds, there’s a celebrity holding the device in his hand. Commercials, as we all already know, are made to make you feel good and desire what is being shown.

xiaomi mi6 ceramic 01
Where are the fingerprints? / © Xiaomi

However, the commercial only shows the highlighted functions and the ones that are the best. You don’t get to see what it looks like when it’s full of fingerprints, how it runs with your favorite games and how much battery it consumes. For your purposes, commercials should only serve to let you know that the device exists.

Don’t go by what they say in the store

If you’re a seller, don’t be offended. There are many vendors who understand what they are talking about, who are well-intentioned, and who will really help you choose the best product, but the overwhelmingly vast majority need to hit sales targets, and receive commissions and bonuses if they sell more of a particular brand.

So, you need to be very careful. If someone you know who understands little about technology is about to go make a purchase at the store, go with them to help, because the seller will certainly try to push something that “sells more” or that “everyone is going for”. If you’ve already done your searching beforehand, you won’t fall for any kind of deception.

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Ready to get the most commissions possible. / © AndroidPIT

Don’t purchase from the first place you find a device

If you pass by a shop window at the mall and see an attractive device that fits your budget, don’t go in and buy it! If you’re without a smartphone or need a new one, an hour of searching on the internet will be of great use to you. If you just take it from anywhere, without doing any research, in most cases that will lead you to waste money. Both online and offline stores may offer better prices, and a little more research on the internet could save you a lot of money in the long-term. Now think about what you could do with all that money you save…

Don’t buy the most expensive or the cheapest

The iPhone X is the most expensive, so it must be the best. Right? Or alternatively, you could go to the store and purchase the cheapest smartphone available. Neither of these options is a good idea. Both will lead you to waste money in the long run, and you’ll likely still end up being unsatisfied.

AndroidPIT iPhone X 6036
You know the answer: is it worth paying the price of the iPhone X? / © AndroidPIT

If you go with the cheapest option, you may lose money once the device breaks much earlier than expected, and then you’ll likely be paying double to replace it. As for the most expensive option, everyone who understands a little bit about technology and marketing knows that you can get practically the same thing and spend far less.

There’s a lot of marketing that goes into the price, and carrying the most expensive phone doesn’t mean that it’s the best of them all. The price might also drop in a few months time. So it’s best to see what you need and take your time making your decision.

Don’t cling to famous brands

We all know the most famous brands available: Apple and Samsung. Obviously these brands have great models available, but the trick here is not to stick to them, and to instead explore lesser-known brands.

AndroidPIT OnePlus 5T 2
I am loving my OnePlus 5T. / © OnePlus

There are smaller brands that are great even if you haven’t heard of them. Some of them are Chinese, and some are full of features you’ve never even heard of. In these niches, you can find gems that will satisfy your needs in a way that already established brands can’t.

Be sure to consider last year’s models

Are new releases always good? Do all releases outperform their predecessors? Of course not, and devices like the Galaxy S7 are out there to prove it two years later. They might leave the scene on shop windows, as it’s necessary to show that new things are coming, but you’ll still find these great items for sale online.

Along these lines, you can even look into a used smartphone, which in good condition and for a good price, can offer much more than a new and less powerful device.

androidpit s7edge
The Galaxy S7 Edge is still a great device. / © AndroidPIT

Don’t buy without knowing your priorities first

The last tip is the most important. Even if you ignore all other advice, don’t throw this one aside. Buy the most expensive, the cheapest, this year’s model or last year’s, do exactly what they tell you to do at the store or on the TV… you can make all these mistakes if the device provides you what you need.

If you like photos, it’s no use buying a bad camera. If you spend the day away from home, having a weak battery will only cause stress. If you like games, a small screen or poor performance will ruin everything. So whenever you buy a new phone, figure out what matters most to you. Once you’ve done that, you’ll already have a good idea of what you’re looking for.

But let’s hear from you! What precautions do you take when buying a smartphone?

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