Sun Next App – SUN TV Network launches Sun NXT app for Android and iOS at Rs. 480 per year

sun next app – sunnxt com – sunnext com – Sun Next App Download – Sun NXT App Download – Sunnextapp – Sunnxtapp – Following the trails of Star TV Network’s Hotstar app, Amazon Prime and Netflix, South India’s largest television network SUN TV has launched its OTT product, tagged Sun Nxt. Kalanithi Maran’s daughter Kavya Maran, who is now foreseeing the company’s administration is the mastermind behind ideation and launch. It’s the Indian version of Netflix where you need to subscribe to access the service.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms, the app doesn’t come free like Hotstar, is available on monthly or yearly subscription.  One has to shell out Rs. 480 for an annual subscription or Rs. 50 monthly. With the largest movie database in hand, the network tops in South India offering services in all four languages – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

With subscription to Sun NXT, you can now stream Sun TV Netwrok channels and its partner channels (Thanti TV and News 7) on your phone or TV with supported platforms. The app offers access to the largest movie database of over 4000 in high quality in all four South Indian languages. You’ll be able to choose the quality of the movies while streaming based on your internet connectivity.

In an era of digital entertainment, Sun TV has take a huge step forward promising to offer premium services (It’s not clear how its premium as it only provides the content broadcasted on television). The app is still in the entry stage with minimal options and features and is being designed allowing anyone to use. And, apparently HD movies plays seamlessly on phone without any lag or other issues. At the same time, watching TV channels on the app looks great but you need to keep a tab on your data thing.

Currently, Sun NXT provides access to live streaming of the following channels: Sun TV (Tamil SD & HD), K TV (Tamil SD & HD), Gemini TV (Telugu SD & HD), Udaya TV (Kannada), Surya TV (Malayalam), Sun Music (Tamil SD & HD), Sun News (Tamil), Chutti TV (Tamil), Aditya TV (Tamil), Kushi TV (Tamil), Udaya News (Kannada), Surya Movies (Malayalam) and partner channels.

Sun NXT doesn’t provide any free content at this time, though it says the first month subscription is completely free. However, you are required to register yourself using a credit or debit card to avail the service. There are three subscription options available – Rs 50 (monthly), Rs. 130 (Quarterly) and Rs. 480 (Annually). Download the app by heading to Google Play store app on Android and App Sore on iOS.