Sonos smart speaker could have the edge on its rivals

IFA 2017 is over, and so is a blockbuster week on Wareable. If you want an overview of everything that went down, head over and read editor Mike Sawh’s roundup of the past few days.

Also be sure to check out our first-look at the Samsung Gear Sport, Garmin Vivoactive 3, and the MyKronoz ZeTime – not to mention everything from Fossil’s clan. And in case you missed it in the IFA madness, we’ve got a preview of the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch for you to peruse.

Not enough to satiate you? Fine – we’ve got a few other smaller stories and rumors from the week that should do just the trick.

Sonos smart speaker incoming

And finally: Sonos smart speaker could have the edge on its rivals

Who isn’t building a smart speaker? That’s the question we’re asking these days, but we’re admittedly glad to hear word that Sonos might be the next big name to “do an Alexa”. Zats Not Funny! has dug up an FCC filing from the company revealing ambitions for a smart speaker that would support “multiple voice platforms” and music services.

So essentially we could have a speaker that can power Alexa, Siri and Google Now, combined with the sterling audio quality Sonos is known for. Damn, HomePod better watch out. The company is set to make an announcement on 4 October and we have every expectation it’ll be for this.

Darling can’t you hear me, SMS

And finally: Sonos smart speaker could have the edge on its rivals

Of course, Alexa’s not resting on her laurels. According to some code unearthed in the Alexa app, Amazon’s voice assistant might be set to extend her messaging capabilities to SMS. You can already send texts and voice calls between Echo devices and phones with the Alexa app, but this new feature, the code suggests, would let you send an SMS to any number.

There’s also a hint that it could be something Amazon makes free for a limited time, before charging users for it. You can read more over at TechCrunch. Google Home was recently updated to let you make calls with the smart speaker, though this doesn’t yet include SMS.

Good signs for Fitbit

And finally: Sonos smart speaker could have the edge on its rivals

This week we unveiled our first look at the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, and delved into the making of Fitbit’s long-anticipated new wearable. We have high hopes for it, and analysts also seem optimistic. “Fitbit has an opportunity to essentially hold the smartwatch market position that has been vacated by Android, given the poor quality and consumer acceptance of Android Wear smartwatches,” said Raymond James analysts, according to MarketWatch. While IFA has shown how Fossil is building Android Wear momentum through the rest of 2017 and beyond, there’s no doubt that Fitbit has a big opportunity with a pretty feature-packed device, though we’re yet to see what the Apple Watch Series 3 has in store…

What’s going on with Nest?

And finally: Sonos smart speaker could have the edge on its rivals

Just a few days ago we brought you news on the new Nest E Thermostat, a more affordable (but functionally almost identical) version of the Learning Thermostat. But wait, what’s this? An invite to a Nest event on 20 September has just dropped in our inbox, and it hints that there’s something even bigger yet to come. “Popcorn? Check. Comfy couch? Check. Big announcement? Check.” That’s all the invite tells us, but perhaps it’s a hint that Alphabet-owned company will reveal something big for the living room. A smart speaker? Another thermostat? Your guess is as good as ours right now. Just don’t forget the popcorn.

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