Amazon Fire HD 8 review

AMAZON HAS UPDATED the wildly popular Fire HD tablet line for 2016 with a longer battery life and more RAM. It’s also the first tablet to come with Alexa, although this feature is available only to US punters.  Can it hold its own as a tablet, or is it just a battering ram for Amazon’s […]

ZX Spectrum Vega+ hands-on review

HATERS, QUOTH Taylor Swift, gonna hate, hate, hate. Which is fine because they obviously haven’t been hands-on with the eagerly awaited ZX Spectrum Vega+, a handheld version of the popular 1980s computer which has received the blessing and the backing of Sir Clive Sinclair himself.  We, on the other hand, have. Today, we finally got […]

Google Home Hub review

WHILST THE Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL grabbed all the headlines, perhaps the most exciting and accessible piece of new hardware that Google offered us at their recent launch was the Home Hub, the first ‘official’ Google Home device to have a screen. But do we need it? Probably, is the short answer. DesignThe […]

iPhone 7 review | TheINQUIRER

FIRST IT GIVETH, then it taketh away. The iPhone 7 is a decidedly mixed bag in terms of innovation. A ‘solid state’ capacitive button has replaced the squeezy Home button of old and, lest we forget, the 3.5mm headphone jack has gone in favour of Apple’s new wireless standard. Yet on the face of it, […]