Windows Phone 8.1 – Microsoft kończy wsparcie dla systemu

Microsoft kończy wsparcie dla systemu Windows Phone 8.1. Od dziś nie można liczyć na aktualizacje i poprawki bezpieczeństwa. Mobilny Windows nigdy nie zdobył dużej popularności, co zapewne rozczarowało tych użytkowników, którzy widzieli w nim potencjał. W ostatnich miesiącach platforma ta systematycznie traciła i tak skromne już rynkowe udziały i nic się w tej kwestii raczej […]

Facebook is ending support for its Messenger app in older versions of Windows and Windows phone

Windows 10 Mobile is Microsoft’s latest and greatest mobile OS, designed to be the last numerical iteration, with a focus of software updates and new features going forward. The OS was designed to bridge the gap between smartphone and PC with interesting features like continuum and Universal Windows Apps. However before Windows 10 and Windows […]

Phil Spencer: Microsoft will probably debut a game streaming service in the next 3 years

Game streaming services are controversial because their subscription costs are expensive and they require fast internet. Sony’s PlayStation Now may offer a great selection of titles, but it comes in at $19.99 for a month or $44.99 for three months. When Microsoft revealed backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games, many thought that this was their […]