ZTE ZMax Pro review

When Chinese tech giant ZTE started selling phones in the United States, it pounced on a niche market and stuck stubbornly to it: obscenely cheap phones running Google’s Android operating system. Its first strong budget phone, the ZMax, debuted for $200; and its successor, the ZMax 2, hit the street for $50 less ($150). That […]

Nexus 6P review

Google’s Nexus phones used to be somewhat unassuming mid-range phones with cool features, pure Android, and a low price tag. The Nexus 6 broke that mold with a bang as Google’s first high-end, jumbo-sized phablet. Everything about the Nexus 6 was big, including its price. This year, Google teamed up with Huawei to make another […]

​Fossil Q Neely review

Hybrid smartwatches are getting smaller and smaller and that’s good news. The Fossil Q Neely doesn’t just look like a regular fashion watch, it feels like one too. This is a smart and stylish hybrid watch that offers just the right amount of connected features and basic tracking for anyone who thinks smartwatches these days […]