Aktualizacja: Spotify kończy wsparcie dla telefonów z systemem Windows Phone?

Popularny serwis muzyczny Spotify kończy wsparcie dla telefonów z systemem Windows Phone. Producent potwierdził, że obecna wersja aplikacji w Sklepie Windows nie będzie w dalszym ciągu aktualizowana. Usługa Spotify wystartowała w 2011 dla telefonów z systemem Windows Phone 7. W 2013 pojawiła się wersja dla systemu Windows Phone 8. Jeden z użytkowników otrzymał poniższą wiadomość […]

Fix Side by Side Configuration is Incorrect – Application Failed to Start

While installing any programs in your windows PC, You should not face any problem, If everything is correct. But, Sometimes, Everything doesn’t go through right way. As a result, You may encounter various errors. Again, You may face similar problems while opening any of your existing installed programs. One of the most common errors is […]

Facebook is ending support for its Messenger app in older versions of Windows and Windows phone

Windows 10 Mobile is Microsoft’s latest and greatest mobile OS, designed to be the last numerical iteration, with a focus of software updates and new features going forward. The OS was designed to bridge the gap between smartphone and PC with interesting features like continuum and Universal Windows Apps. However before Windows 10 and Windows […]