Samsung set to unveil Galaxy A90, A20e and A40 smartphones

Samsung has sent out a not-so-cryptic invitation to its latest Galaxy event, which will simultaneously take place in Bangkok, Milan and Sao Paulo on 10 April. According to the Korean tech giant, the new Galaxy A devices are “designed for the way we communicate in the Era of Live”, whatever that means.

But which devices could Samsung possibly be referring to?

Well, since the image above the invitation appears to feature three smartphones, we’re doubling down on all three of the Galaxy A90, A20e and A40 finally seeing the light of day on 10 April.

The three phones in question first leaked on Samsung’s very own UK website two weeks ago, spotted by eagle-eyed Dutch blogger GalaxyClub. It seems that a haphazard Samsung employee mistakenly published landing pages in preparation for when the phones are officially revealed, albeit without revealing any details of the phones themselves.

The most interesting page was for the Galaxy A90, which will presumably bear some relation to the Galaxy A9, the first major smartphone to feature four cameras.

There were also pages for a Galaxy A20e, presumably a smaller version of the as-yet-unannounced A20, as well as one for a Galaxy A40.

Although there aren’t any concrete details on these new phones, we know for sure that they’ll join the ranks of Samsung Galaxy A devices.

For the uninitiated, think of the Galaxy A range as the affordable alternative to its Galaxy S equivalent. Devices in this range tend to retail for around £300-500, rather than the four-figure sums that many Galaxy S devices command.

While the Galaxy A phones won’t capture the attention of the tech world quite like Galaxy S smartphones regularly do, they’re still handy pieces of kit that are worth a look if you’re purchasing a smartphone on a budget.

Stay tuned to Expert Reviews to read our hands-on reviews of the new devices after their official release.

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