Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Will Samsung unveil its flagship phablet in August 2018?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t exist. It probably will at some point. What will it look like? A rectangle. Will it be more powerful than the Galaxy Note 8? Yes.

In terms of release date, we’re anticipating that the imminent phablet from Samsung will follow in its predecessor’s footsteps. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched in August 2017, as did the Note 7 the year prior. We’d put money on the likelihood of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 following suit and hitting the scene in August 2018. 

Codenames, in the meantime, can be very telling, with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s codename “Baikal” attesting to its gargantuan size (Baikal, situated in Siberia, is one of the largest lakes in the world). This time round, the Note 9 is being developed under the codename “crown”, suggests a report from The Investor. Just what we can glean from the codename “crown” is uncertain; the word certainly suggests that something regal is coming, with Samsung angling to become the so-called “king” of smartphones. 

What’s more, we’ve got a preliminary insight into the Galaxy Note 9’s specs, thanks to Samsung’s recent unveiling of a mega 512GB chip for phones and tablets (and by extension, phablets), with the capacity to read and write data at 86MB and 255MB per second respectively, a whopping eight times faster than a micro-SD card.  

Any more than that is guesswork at this stage. But consumerism’s rattle isn’t going to stop, so here’s a rundown of things that the expensive rectangle may or may not have going for it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Release date

Let’s say August 2018. That’s when the Note 7 and Note 8 first came out.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Price

£869.00, or thereabouts. That’s the launch price of the Galaxy Note 8 and we’d expect a similar price range for its follow-up. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Features

A big screen. The Note 8 and Galaxy S8 both came with “infinity display” screens, and seeing as Apple is barking up a similar tree with the iPhone X, expect the Note 9 to push its bezels as far back as possible. It’s also worth noting that Samsung actually manufactures the iPhone X display.

Facial scanning. The iPhone X does it, and Samsung already has a form of the technology in its handsets. It’s likely that the company will make more of a song-and-dance about face scanning with the Note 9 and Galaxy S9.

In-screen fingerprint scanning. This is rumoured to be something Samsung is working on, although it may not be a feature that’s finessed in time for the Note 9.

Better battery. Samsung played things safe on the battery front with the Note 8, which is understandable given the explosive mess of the Note 7. Perhaps the Note 9 will see some forward steps in terms of fast charging and battery capacity.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Specs

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 could wield a formidable 512GB chip, given Samsung’s recent announcement that it’s mass producing the Universal Flash Storage Chips. This would, of course, put it leagues ahead of the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8, which offer a comparatively measly 256GB each. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Could it have a bendable screen?

Samsung is supposedly developing a foldable phone, currently dubbed the Galaxy X. There are rumours that this device could end up being the Note 9, which would certainly be a headline-grabbing way for Samsung to differentiate itself from Apple, as well as buck iterative upgrades with a big hardware shift. Whether or not the Korean tech giant wants to risk the experimental tech on one of its major flagships remains to be seen, but it’s an interesting prospect…

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