Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Release date, rumours and specifications

This time last year, we were wondering if Samsung would dare ever release another Galaxy Note device. The Note 7 has been in the wild for just 53 days before Samsung pulled the plug and initiated a worldwide recall thanks to battery issues. Surely this kind of PR was the kind of thing no brand could recover from?

Apparently not. As I write this, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (pictured) is on shelves, and is a triumphant return to form. True, returning to form following a previous outing which could cause fires may be a fairly low bar – but the fact is that a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now feels like a certainty in 2018.

But what should we expect from a Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Here are the latest rumours, regarding features, specifications and that elusive UK release date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Features

Given the Note 8 is only just out of the doors and most people’s devices still have that new handset sheen, you’ll be unsurprised to learn that there’s not that much in the way of concrete details of what the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may contain.

One rumour that has repeatedly appeared regarding new Galaxy devices is that the next generation will move the fingerprint sensor to be embedded underneath the screen – moving it away from the slightly awkward positioning on the back, next to the camera. This technology was, apparently, not quite ready for showtime with the S8, but by many accounts will make its debut next year.

Other than that, it’s predicted to be business as usual: the latest and best components, a giant screen and the S Pen making its return for easy input of notes and doodles.

But could it be something completely different? Could the Note 9 be Samsung’s first foldable phone? It’s possible – the president of Samsung’s mobile division Koh Dong-jin has said that the first foldable flagship will be coming in 2018. That could take the form of a Note device – though it may well not. Samsung is no stranger to having plenty of lines on the go at a time, and it’s possible that this will remain the Galaxy X for now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Price

Expensive. It’s hard to be more specific than that, but all you really need to know is that the Galaxy Note series has always been at the top of Samsung’s price tree, and there’s no reason to think that a Galaxy Note 9 would buck that particular trend – especially with smartphones on a steady pricing increase across the board.

What does that mean in practice? Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launched at £699. The Note 8 appeared at £869. Now Apple’s iPhone X has cleared the bar as the first £1,000 flagship, could the Note follow suit? You wouldn’t bet against it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: UK release date

Not for a long while. The Note 8 is only just out of buyer’s boxes and into pockets. Still, if you look at the release history of past Samsung Galaxy Note devices, a pattern quickly appears that it doesn’t take a genius to spot. See if you can figure it out:

Release date

Samsung Galaxy Note

October 29 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

September 26 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

September 25 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

October 17 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

August 25 2015*

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

September 2 2016**

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

September 15 2017

*Not released in the UK

**Withdrawn from sale in October

So yes, if there was any doubt: you’re a long way away from the Note 9 appearing. On the bright side, that means there’s plenty of time for this sparsely filled page to build up as that release date approaches. And you can bet we’ll be updating it with every rumour we hear until September 2018.

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