React on Facebook Posts with Donald Trump’s Many Moods

Donald Trump Face Moods, Donald Trump Face Facebook Reactions, Trump Up Facebook Reactions – Last year, Facebook launched a new feature “Facebook retractions“. I think almost everyone has noticed it. You can now express your reaction on any post as Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Grateful, Sad and Angry etc. In the other hand, Donald Trump is a burning name all over the world. Because, He has become the president of United States of America. What if you can express your reactions with Donald Trump’s face and his many moods? It is possible guys. It’s time to trump up your facebook reactions.

How to Trump Up Facebook Reactions with Donald Trump’s Face Moods:

There is an excellent browser extension called “Reaction Packs for Facebook“. By installing it on your browser, You can easily do it.

In fact, This extension can be used to react with your desired icons available in the store. As trump is a popular name, His faces have become more popular as FB reaction.

Anyway, Here are the full instructions to react with trump faces:

  • At first you have to download the extension. It is only available for Chrome and Firefox.

Download Reaction Packs for Chrome Download Reaction Packs for FireFox

trump reactions facebook pack

  • Just click on Use this pack.
  • Now, Go to Facebook. I recommend you to restart your browser before.
  • In your news feed, Put your mouse cursor on Like button. Then see all your reaction moods have been changed to Donald Trump Face and his moods.

trumping facebook reactions

  • By this way, You can easily trump up your facebook reactions. You also can use different reactions. To do it, Just choose different reaction pack from the website i mentioned above.

Source: CNET

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