Pebble smartwatch commands now supported by doo for BlackBerry 10

Although doo for BlackBerry 10 was updated not that long ago, CellNinja has now pushed another build into BlackBerry World, and it has become readily available for download. This time around there’s plenty of the typical bug fixes that come with most every app update but there’s also a short list of new features and enhancements as well including new actions, new Pebble and Vector smartwatch support and more.

doo for BlackBerry 10

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • doo now accepts commands from Pebble smartwatch (Bridge app required)
  • Weather forecast is now sent to Pebble and Vector smartwatch if phone screen is off (Bridge app required)
  • New Actions: Quick Note, Open Web Page, Open File
  • Open File, Open Folder, and Open Web page Homescreen shortcuts now open directly without having to open doo first
  • Physical keyboard backlight flashes when using an action (Only works when screen in on)
  • Bug fixes

If you already purchased doo for BlackBerry 10, the update is available now for free. If you’re looking to purchase doo, you can snag it for only $1.99, and it supports all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Be sure to check out very own hands-on if you’re looking to learn more.

Learn more / Purchase doo from BlackBerry World

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