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Codemasters revealed a brand-new IP at the PlayStation Paris Games Week conference: ONRUSH. Developed by former members of Evolution Studios, creators of the MotorStorm series and DriveClub. It’s clear the team is trying to reinvigorate that excellent game series under a new moniker.

The trailer looked excellent, and we hope it sees the crazy off-road race genre brought back to life. But we won’t know if this is the case until we get closer to the game’s launch.

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What is ONRUSH?

ONRUSH is a brand-new IP from Codemasters, developed by former members of Evolution Studios.

Codemasters describes the game as ‘a celebration of sensational speed, outright fun and over-the-top spectacle’ in a blog post. The post also notes the game ‘will bring all-action, gravity-defying racing back to the console gaming scene at breakneck speed’. This definitely sounds like a spiritual successor to MotorStorm.

ONRUSH release date – When can we start racing?

ONRUSH is set to launch on PS4 and Xbox One in summer 2018. There’s no word yet on whether it will take advantage of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles.

ONRUSH trailers – How does it look?

Here is the debut trailer for ONRUSH, revealed during Paris Games Week:

ONRUSH gameplay – What can we expect?

Aside from the hints in the blog post that describe the type of game we can expect, there’s even more detail that discusses the philosophy behind the game:

“ONRUSH isn’t about racing to the finish line,” the post reads. “Here, racing with style and flair is what counts as you perform incredible takedowns and put everything on the line in order to power up your all important RUSH bar. RUSH is the ultimate power up, producing an exhilarating and devastating force which, when used at the right time, can wreak havoc on your competition.”

Game director, Paul Rustchynsky also noted: “We are extremely excited to finally be able to talk about ONRUSH. The team grew up playing iconic, arcade racing games so it is great to have the opportunity to re-imagine those experiences on the today’s consoles and bring something fresh to the market. We believe that it is something that gamers are crying out for.

“The most important factor in the game is that it has to be fun. It is not about tyre choices, car setups or even racing lines; it’s about edge of your seat action and taking death defying risks in order to reap the biggest rewards.”

Pre-order ONRUSH from Amazon UK

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