New iPad UK release date, price and specs: Apple’s next tablet ISN’T the iPad Air 3

Yesterday Apple announced a brand new iPad, and you’ll be forgiven for calling it the iPad Air 3. Unlike most product releases, the new iPad had no launch event or release date, and was instead quietly unveiled in Apple’s online store.

From the outside at least, the new iPad or iPad Air 3 as it’s been called is identical to the last tablet, but inside it hosts a range tiny tweaks that make it that bit better. So what’s the new iPad, and how’s it different to the iPad Air 2? Keep reading to find out. 

New iPad: Release date and price

We expected the Apple iPad Air 3 to be released sometime this month, because the iPad Air 2 was announced the same time last year. Sure enough, Apple unveiled its new tablet yesterday, and it’s going to be on sale from Friday 24th March.

The new iPad costs a good amount less than the model it replaces, and starts at a fairly reasonable £339 pounds  – £60 less that the original iPad. In fact, that makes the new ‘iPad Air 3’ the cheapest Apple tablet you can buy right now; the iPad Mini 4 costs £419.

The larger 128GB Wi-fi only model of the iPad costs £429, while you’ll £469 for a 32GB cellular iPad and £559 for the larger, 256GB cellular model.

New iPad: Design and specs

On the outside at least, the new iPad looks exactly the same as the previous iPad – and that’s probably why it’s going to be referred to as the iPad Air 3, whether Apple’s wants us to call it that or not. Interestingly though, the new iPad is 1mm thicker than the previous model, and that could be due to it’s slightly updates internals.

The new iPad features a A9 process instead of the previous models A8X, and that means we should see some big improvements in performance. If you’ve heard of that processor before, that’s because it’s the same one used in the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE.

The new iPad is a little different in terms of storage space, too. It’s now available in both a 32GB and 128GB, so you’ll need to upgrade to an iPad Pro if you want 256GB.

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