Motorola releases its cheapest Moto Mod stereo speaker

Motorola has just released a new Moto Mod stereo speaker and it’s the cheapest speaker mod yet at $59.99. Still, it has most of the features of the more expensive Moto Mod speaker, with a built-in kickstand and dual 28mm stereo speakers inside the mod.

Since the Moto Mod connects to Moto Z phones, it relies on the phone as a source of power and doesn’t have a separate charging method.

The new Moto Mod speaker marks Motorola’s increasing focus on mass market mods that will be popular among many, instead of more niche mods it’s worked on before, like gamepad mods. That focus might make it easier to build cheaper gadgets at economies of scale, even as Motorola’s engineering team allegedly suffered layoffs last month.

The Moto Mod comes in black, red, and blue and is available for purchase from Motorola’s website. There’s also a payment option for $10 a month.

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