Moto G series Android update: when will I get it?

The Moto G series has been a staunch fan favorite ever since its initial release in late 2013. Combining solid hardware, affordable pricing and a near stock Android experience, the Moto G series has rightfully earned its place as a key player in the Android ecosystem. After having first been acquired by Google and then sold off to Lenovo, the Motorola brand still managed to push out timely updates for its devices. The most current news for the Moto G series is that the the Moto G4 Play finally has received its planned update date.

Moto G Android update overview

Device Android Jelly Bean Android KitKat Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Android 6.0 Marshmallow Android 7.0 Nougat
Moto G5 (2017) Yes
Moto G5 Plus Yes
Moto G4 (2016) Yes Yes
Moto G4 Play Yes Planned, June 2017
Moto G4 Plus Yes Yes
Moto G 3rd gen (2015) Yes Yes No
Moto G Turbo edition Yes Yes No
Moto G Turbo edition Yes Yes No
Moto G 2nd gen (2014) Yes Yes Yes No
Moto G 4G Yes Yes Yes No No
Moto G (2013) Yes Yes Yes No No

Moto G5 / G5 Plus (2017) Android update

Lenovo is releasing the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus in the next few weeks with the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. Some exciting features you can look forward to are the Moto Experience app and the Google Assistant. It remains to be seen if the upgrade to Android 7.1 will be offered or if it will jump straight to Android O.

Moto G4 / G4 Play / G4 Plus (2016) Android update

The Moto G4 and its variants, the Moto G4 Play and the Moto G4 Plus, were released in 2016 with Android Marshmallow. Both the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus had received updates to Android Nougat between October 2016 and March 2017, but sadly the Moto G4 Play (the most low-end of the three devices) was left with Android Marshmallow. Lenovo has now officially confirmed that Moto G4 Play devices in the US will receive the long awaited Android Nougat update in June 2017. 

Moto G 3rd gen (2015) Android update

The 3rd generation phone of the Moto G series came out in 2015 with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop pre-installed. It has since received a software update to Marshmallow. However, it will not be receiving the update to Android Nougat. Don’t despair though, you can still get Nougat on your Moto G (2015) using a custom ROM – check out CyanogenMod’s and XDA developers’ guides on how to do this.

The Nougat ROM brings a mix of Google’s open source (AOSP) as well as some extra features like night mode. While it is still under development, you can already use several functions including SMS, Wi-Fi connection, camera, calling and Bluetooth and Internet browsing. Other functions are still unstable and the ROM is incompatible with the device’s dual-SIM mode.

motorola moto g 2015 screen hero
The Moto G3 (2015) came with Android Lollipop and got an official update to Marshmallow. / © AndroidPIT

Moto G 2nd gen (2014) Android update

The 2015 model of the Moto G series was officially updated up to Android Marshmallow. It rolled out to 3G and LTE-enabled devices in India, where soak tests were conducted several weeks prior.

The Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update for the Moto G (2nd gen) was rolled out over-the-air. The OTA update was primarily focused on fixing security issues, namely the Stagefright security flaw. Head to Settings > About Phone > Software Update and see if your Moto G (2nd gen) has the latest official update.

If you want to update to a more recent operating system version, you can do so using a custom ROM. Have a look at CyanogenMod’s guide on how to get Android Nougat on your 2nd gen Moto G (2014).

Moto g moto g 2014 comparativo 8
The Moto G 2nd generation device received the Android Marshmallow update, but the first generation device never did. / © AndroidPIT

Moto G 1st gen (2013) Android update

Updates to the original Moto G have been sporadic and unreliable. Many carriers did not update the software beyond Android KitKat. If you have an unlocked device, you can get an update to Android 5.1 Lollipop directly from Motorola at the link below.

The Moto G 1st gen (2013) didn’t receive Android Marshmallow or Nougat either but you can still get hold of these through a custom ROM – have a look at the guides below for help on how to do this:

Moto g moto g 2014 comparativo 6
Some carriers have not updated the original Moto G since Android KitKat. / © AndroidPIT

Which operating system are you running on your Moto G? Are you going to upgrade to a later version? We’d love to know what you think of the latest Android software update on your Moto G device in the comments below.

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