LG G7 rumours: What will LG’s next flagship handset be like?

The LG G6 has been in pockets for seven months now, but details on the LG G7 remain scant. It’s extremely likely that we’re not too far off from hearing more however: CES 2018 kicks off in January, and it would be hugely surprising if the South Korean firm didn’t lift the lid on the LG G7 then – probably with plans for a spring release date to get the jump on arch-rivals Samsung. 

But what can we expect to see with the LG G7? Below are the latest rumours ahead of the expected Jauary reveal. 

LG G7: Rumours

Rumours and leaks of the LG G7 have been pretty hard to come by, but three have popped up in recent months.

The first is a fingerprint sensor built into the screen, rather than on the back (like the LG G6) or built into the home button (like most other phones out there). LG announced the technology last year, but it looks like we’ve missed out on it for this year’s flagships. The LG G7 is a very good bet on the first handset to incorporate the technology – unless, for some reason, it proves to be less useful in testing than it sounds as a press release.

The second is that your internet access is about to get much faster. According to a report in Business Korea, the LG G7 and Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the first handsets to contain the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem, when it becomes available in early 2018. That theoretically means speeds of up to 5Gbits/sec – significantly faster than the 4G we have now. Although, of course, that depends on the country’s infrastructure… so view that as strictly theoretical for now. Especially in the UK.

Thirdly, rumours abound that 2018 will be the year when LG finally switches to OLED panels for the company’s phone screens. The company has been experimenting with some pretty loopy screen technology of late – including a 77in flexible OLED screen. Given LG’s history of phone innovation, you wonder if any technology might make the leap to the small screen. 

Android Oreo – the latest version of Google’s operating system – is, of course, a given, but unfortunately, it does look like the days when LG let you change the battery are well and truly behind us. It’s all sealed glass and metal now: the market has spoken.

LG G7: Price

Naming a price for a handset with no firm details in place is a bit of mug’s game, but here I am anyway, ready to take that challenge.

In the past, LG has undercut its competitors on pricing. The LG G5, for example, was a clear £69 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S7. This time around though, the LG G6 is one pricey handset: it started out at £650, just £30 shy of the superior Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s fallen rapidly and can be had for under £450 if you shop around.

My hope is that this rapid price decrease will prompt a rethink from the South Korean company. All the same, the weakened pound makes it hard for too much flexibility, so I’d suggest somewhere between £600 and £650 – but again, for the moment this is just me pulling numbers out of thin air.

LG G7: Release date

Good news, it looks like the LG G7 might be with us sooner than you’d think. While some are suggesting it may be unveiled this year at IFA 2017 that – unsurprisingly given the shortage of leaks – didn’t happen. A reveal at MWC 2017 seems far more likely. That would line up neatly with a rumoured February 2018 release date, in order to get the jump on Samsung. 

How does this sit with the release dates for past LG flagships? Well, pretty consistently, given there’s not been that much of a pattern:

LG Flagshipt

Release date


19 September 2012


12 September 2013


26 June 2014


29 April 2015


8 April 2016


March 2017

We’ll update this article as more details of the LG G7 emerge.

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