John Chen wants to give you a BlackBerry!


I can run my business just fine from a BB10 phone. In the past six years not one of our clients has ever wanted us to use Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram for anything.

I can honestly say that we would not do a single dollar more in revenue by switching from BB10 to iOS or Android.

Powering through business communications (primarily email), with perfect synchronization with our MS Exchange server for contacts, notes, calendar and tasks is our number one priority, and nothing in our extensive testing has equaled BB10’s performance for our core needs. In addition the bundled browser, maps and weather app are up to the task as well.

I’m on the road 200+ days a year. Last year I bought an iPad mini and carried it with me “just in case” I needed some app that didn’t run on BB10. I never used the damned thing and finally gave it to my mother-in-law to watch Netflix.

I understand that a lot of consumers love apps and prefer iOS and Android’s ecosystem for their personal mobile phones. That’s wonderful for them. But we’ll continue to use BB10 until some core component, such as the browser, is no longer robust enough for work.

If we thought there was any economic advantage to switching phones, we do it, but there just isn’t. For us, it would be a lifestyle choice, which is not a valid criteria for changing over.

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