Is WhatsApp down? Latest updates on that chat app’s status

Is WhatsApp down? As of the morning of Friday November 3, the answer was yes – WhatsApp was officially down. And of course, the internet enjoyed a collective nervous breakdown…

We still don’t know what caused the outage just yet, but it was confirmed by multiple reports on social media, Down Detector, and our own experiences.

Western European countries and parts of south-east Asia were the worst hit, though problems appear to have been experienced all over the world.

Users were reportedly unable to send or receive chats, and in some cases, conversations refused to load at all.

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According to popular borkage analysis site Down Detector, the service disruptions started at around 3am US Eastern time, or around 7am GMT. As of around noon in the UK, though, all appeared to back on track and WhatsApp was working again – we can independently (if not comprehensively) confirm this.

Naturally, loyal WhatsApp users were incensed by the drop in service, and wasted no time in getting online to register their disgust, and/or make a hilarious joke involving a GIF.

Here’s a few of the best reactions we’ve managed to round up.

WhatsApp’s own Twitter accounts are largely inactive, though, so we’re still waiting on an official official confirmation from the company itself.

Let us know if you’ve experienced issues by, you guessed it, tweeting us @TrustedReviews.

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