iPhone 10 Year Anniversary Edition – what will Apple’s 2017 iPhone be called?

iPhone 10 Year Anniversary Edition: What will Apple call its 2017 iPhone? From the iPhone Edition to the iPhone X, iPhone 10 or even iPhone Pro, we analyse all the latest rumours, news, and evidence.

Now that the Galaxy S8 has finally been unveiled, all eyes will be on Apple as it gears up to launch the 2017 iPhone model. And if the rumours are accurate, we could be seeing three new handsets this year.

Yes, the Cupertino-based company is said to be working on an iPhone 7S and 7S Plus to back up its big new iPhone model.

But while most are referring to that model as the iPhone 8, numerous reports and rumours have suggested Apple could be using a completely different name this year. Most of that is down to the fact 2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of the first iPhone launch, but there’s a little more to it.

We’ve sifted through the news and rumours to see whether we can’t figure out what Apple’s got planned. Will 2017 be the year of the iPhone Edition? The iPhone Anniversary? The iPhone X? Or perhaps even the iPhone 10?

Allow us to make a few educated guesses…

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iPhone 10 Year Anniversary Edition – what will the new iPhone be called?

Back in 2007, the world was first introduced to the iPhone. It was a monumental shift in the smartphone market that would dictate how phones looked and performed for the following decade. And this year, that decade has come to and end.

Yes, 2017 marks the iPhone’s 10-year anniversary, and we’re sure Apple will want to mark the occasion in one way or another. Of course, it could do just that by giving its upcoming phone a suitably celebratory name. Which has led to a lot of speculation over just what this year’s main iPhone model will be called.

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iphone 8Is Apple preparing three new iPhone models for launch this year?

As mentioned, various reports have suggested the company will be launching three different handsets this year, with two coming in the form of iterative updates to the iPhone 7 – thought to be the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. But it’s the third model, said to be feature a completely overhauled design, that could come with the anniversary-themed moniker.

So far we’ve heard rumours of the phone being called the iPhone X or iPhone Edition, and there’s every chance Apple will indeed introduce an iPhone ’10th Anniversary Edition’, which it could refer to as the ‘iPhone Edition’ for short.

Considering the company has previously reintroduced existing products with simplified names, as was the case with the newly-launched ‘iPad’, which eschewed the ‘Air’, ‘Pro’, or ‘Mini’ branding of other models in favour of the back-to-basics name.

As such, we could even be looking at the reintroduction of simply ‘iPhone’ this year.

iPhone 10 Year Anniversary Edition – what are the rumours?

There’s four main rumours we’ve heard regarding the 2017 iPhone’s name (beyond the iPhone 8, of course). Here’s the evidence, thin as it is, for both. And remember – nothing has yet been confirmed, so what follows is all speculation at this point:

iPhone X

Back in January of this year, analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company cited sources in Apple’s supply chain as claiming the 2017 iPhone would be called the ‘iPhone X’.

X would represent the Roman numeral for 10 and make a lot of sense, especially considering Apple has used the same numbering convention for previous products.

These include its desktop operating system, Mac OS X (though it has dropped the ‘X’ from the latest macOS release), and products such as Logic Pro X. Granted those are two software examples, but it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to imagine Apple applying it to the new iPhone.

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red iphone 7Apple has already announced a new iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED edition this year

iPhone Edition

In March this year, Japanese site Mac Otakara published a report that claimed the iPhone 8 might actually be called the ‘iPhone Edition’. Such a name would line the phone up with the company’s Apple Watch line, the most expensive of which is called the Apple Watch Edition. Considering some speculation has claimed the high-end 2017 iPhone model will be a much higher price than previous new iPhone models, the rumours of such a name could indeed be accurate.

Later in the month, iDrop quoteed “a source with intimate knowledge of Apple’s manufacturing facility” as repeating the iPhone Edition rumour, as well as claiming the new phone would come with a dual camera setup.

The site even created the following concept of the phone, based on information provided by the source and from elsewhere.

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iphone 8 mockup

iPhone Pro

There hasn’t been much in the way of reports or rumours to back this one up, but an iPhone Pro certainly would make a lot of sense for Apple. The company already has the MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and even a sort of Mac Pro. Bringing the ‘Pro’ branding to the iPhone – especially one that sits above two other models in the lineup – would be a perfectly understandable move from the firm.

As we said, we haven’t heard much to back this idea up, but Apple CEO Tim Cook did tell investors at the end of February that his company would “do more in the pro area.” While that could simply be a reference to more iPad or MacBook Pro models, there’s nothing to say he wasn’t referring to the upcoming iPhone.

Elsewhere, in March this year JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall wrote that about the upcoming iPhone: “Multiple iPhone ‘Pro’ features including 3D facial scanning, a glass heavy design, and a structured-light-enabled camera look likely to us.”

Again, hardly solid evidence, but intriguing nonetheless. Well, as intriguing as a phone’s name can be.


Others have laid out the case for Apple using simply ‘iPhone’ to refer to its upcoming handset. Specifically, it’s argued that the newly redesigned iPhone expected to arrive later this year will be given the ‘iPhone’ branding, followed by a Pro version in 2018.

It seems plausible, though it could also be that Apple will call the two iterative iPhones that are rumoured to arrive alongside the big new redesign ‘iPhone’ or some variation, while the upgraded model will adopt the ‘Pro’ branding.

As mentioned, Apple has made a habit of introducing new products in a line-up and reverting to the original name, as with the new 9.7-inch ‘iPad’ launched in March.

Basically, it’s still all a bit sketchy at this point, but fear not, as we’ll be updating this page with all the latest news and rumours as they break.

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What do you think the new iPhone will be called? Let us know in the comments below.

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