iPad mini 5 release date rumours and news: Will the 7.9in iPad mini 5 ever see the light of day?

It’s been over two years since the iPad mini 4 brought portable tablet-sized joy to our lives. Surely an iPad mini 5 is in the works?

Since the iPad mini 4 first came out back in 2015, Apple has reduced its range of iPads down to four of varying sizes. That’s the iPad mini, the 10.5in and the 12.9in iPad Pro, and what was once the 9.7in Air, but now simply called iPad.

So does Apple still have room for more mini iPads? Rumours are thin on the ground, but we’ve compiled everything we know so far to give you the best idea of what to expect from the iPad mini 5.

iPad mini 5 release date: When is the iPad mini 5 coming out?

There was a point in time when the iPad mini was the most popular iPad in the world, but thanks to a preference for iPads with bigger screens and stagnating overall tablet sales, the iPad mini has fallen by the wayside a little.

So could 2018 be the iPad mini 5’s year? Maybe.

Our last guess was that it would be announced in 2017, alongside the iPhone 8, but the year ended without the iPad mini getting so much as a mention. We did see three new iPads released in 2017, but none of these was in the 7.9in class.

Coincidentally, the iPad Mini 4 came out at the same time as the first ever iPhone Plus model, the iPhone 6S Plus. Since then, Apple has continued to release wildly successful 5.5in Plus models, and those have, in a way, taken the place of the iPad mini.

There have also been a few analyst reports that suggest that the iPad Mini has been given the boot. According to a report by BGR, Apple was already beginning to phase out the iPad mini in 2017.

Still, that doesn’t mean that the iPad mini is obsolete. Apple could do the same thing it did with the iPad Air. Apple refreshed the iPad Air range, rebranding it as the standard 9.7in model in 2017. The company added minor hardware improvements like a new camera and a better processor, and discontinued the iPad Air entirely. We can see Apple potentially rebranding the iPad mini as the iPad Pro mini, or similar and releasing a new 7.9in iPad with a better processor and a better camera.

If we do see the iPad mini 5 in 2018 though, we’re pretty certain that it will either be announced at WWDC or at Apple’s autumn keynote.

iPad mini 5 Design and Features: What will the iPad mini 5 look like?

Have a flick through all the previous iPad minis and you notice one thing – they all look the same.

While they’ve been getting thinner and thinner, the overall design has stayed put. Could we expect similar with the iPad mini 5? Probably. There is a reason why there has been little change iPad to iPad, and that’s because of price.

The iPad mini has always been touted as the more affordable, cheap and cheerful iPad, so seeing Pro-exclusive features, like a True Tone display, on the 7.9in iPad is very unlikely.

iPad mini 5 Camera

That said, we think the camera will almost definitely get an update. At the moment, the iPad mini 4 has an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel front-facing one. The 9.7in iPad Pro has a 12-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. We expect the iPad mini 5 to match those specs.

iPad mini 5 Price: How much will the iPad mini 5 cost?

Should an iPad mini 5 ever emerge, we don’t think that Apple will increase the price from the iPad Mini 4’s current cost. That means it should stay around the ballpark of £379 to £499, depending on your choice of storage capacity, and of course, if you opt for an iPad with LTE or not. Indeed, when Apple refreshed the iPad range for 2017, the 9.7in model actually saw a price cut as well as a specs bump.

While Apple may potentially be retiring the iPad mini series, we’re still holding out hope. The iPad mini has always been a better choice of iPad for some, thanks to a combination of price and portability.

We’ll update this page if we hear more details.

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