IOS for the Kindle reader upgrade to version 4.6

Kindle today released the latest version of its iOS version of the reader, the upgraded Kindle for iOS adds Goodreads, Book Browser and other functions, users can share their reading progress and feel of classic content, before buying the book can first understand the book details.Additionally, Kindle for iOS’s “listening and reading” function has also been improved, users can listen while downloading change, without waiting for all the books you download. The following is a detailed upgrade information:

upgrade your kindle to ios

  • GoodReads Integration 4.6 version of Kindle for iOS Goodreads for reading into the social nature gives, the user can read the schedule, reading experience, like the sentence to share. In the software settings options “Social Networking”, the user can share the above Reading.
  • Book Browser Book Browser also currently only supports iPad version of Kindle, users can get more information about the book through this function: Book description, content probation, reader comments and so on. However, if it is unique monthly users, you can download the book to read.
  • Audible Progressive Play users can use this feature listen download audio books, not like before to wait for the whole book download. Meanwhile, the audio book version of the same text, like the “memory”, it will remember where to hear the last closed, can then listen to the next time you open it.

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