How to Post on Instagram from Desktop – Windows, Mac, Linux

Post on Instagram from Desktop – Post on Instagram from DesktopYou can only view Instagram activities from desktop. Normally, You will have to access from an smartphone to post photos or videos. But, In this article, You will learn about the ways to post on Instagram from desktop.

It’s sad but true that you can’t use Instagram conveniently from desktop. Because, It has very limited functionality in PC / Mac. You can’t even post a photo from local storage. But, There are plenty of solutions to get rid of this limitation.

How to Post on Instagram from Desktop

Ways to Post on Instagram from Desktop – Windows / Mac /  Linux:

Instagram is perfect for mobile devices for several facts. Most people don’t like to use such quick photo sharing medium from a desktop. Just capture photo and share it with your friends. That’s simple. Mobile is perfect for it. But, If you really want a way to use instagram from a PC or Mac, You can use your web browser. But, There is limitation. There is no option to post anything. So, Here are some solutions that can help you.

1. Use Instagram App

Some of you may know that Instagram has released its official app for windows. By using this app, You can post photos on your profile. But, It also has a limitation. When i have checked this app, I have not found any way to post photos or videos from desktop local storage. It is really a pain. Because, You may not want to post photos captured by your webcam. But, We can hope that instagram will bring option to post photos from desktop’s local storage soon.

Download Instagram for Windows

2. Change Web Browser’s User Agent

According to my own experience, This is the best user friendly way to post instagram from Windows PC, Mac or Linux. By changing user agent, You can use instagram from desktop like smartphone. Here are full instructions:

  • At first, Change your web browser’s user agent. I prefer chrome. Because, It’s best to do such things. So, You can change google chrome’s user agent.
  • Then, Go to Instagram.COM and login with your credentials.
  • Now, You will see the missing Camera Button. Just click on it and post your favorite photos.

This method is the best to post / upload photos and videos on instagram from all computers including Windows, Mac and Linux. If you want another way, Follow next one.

3. Third-Party Apps / Tools

There are some third-party apps and tools which allow you to use instagram more conveniently. You can post photos and videos by using them. Here are some of them i can mention.

a. InstaPic:

This is actually a cool app for windows. It is available in windows store. In fact, InstaPic seems better than official instagram app. By using this, You can get full experience of instagram from a windows 10 computer.

Download InstaPic

b. Deskgram

To post on instagram from PC or Mac, deskgram is one of the best third-party tool.

Download Deskgram

c. Gramblr:

This is another third-party app available for both windows and mac that allows to post on instagram from a desktop computer very easily.

Download Gramblr

4. Use App Player / Emulator:

This is actually a complex method to use instagram from a computer. There are some cool android emulators like bluestacks which allow users to use any android app from another platform like windows, mac or linux. If you want, You can install instagram app in your computer by using any app player and start using it. This is complex. But you can post any photos and videos by following this method.

So, These are some cool ways to post on instagram from a computer. I prefer first two methods. You may prefer another one. But, Let me know which method you like most.

Thank you have visited this post How to Post on Instagram from Desktop – Windows, Mac, Linux. I wish this post can be useful for you… 🙂

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