How to download and install macOS 10.13.4 on your Mac

How do you install macOS High Sierra? Here’s how!

macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 brings not just the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, but compatibility with iOS 11.3 and more!

Here’s how to download and install this and other updates for macOS High Sierra.

How to download and install macOS High Sierra updates

  1. Click on the Apple icon () in the upper left corner of your Mac’s screen.
  2. Select App Store from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Update next to macOS Sierra in the Updates section of the Mac App Store.

    • Your Mac will need to restart after the download has been installed, so make sure your save your progress for any program you are currently working in.

How to turn on automatic updates

You don’t have to manually update macOS every time a new one launches. You can turn on automatic updates and it will download in the background.

How to turn on automatic updates for macOS Sierra

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