Google Pixel 3: AOSP code reveals improved networking

The second generation of the Google’s Pixel phones arrived last year, and for 2018, we hope to get our hands on the third. The Google Pixel 3 is already in progress, and we’re starting to hear more about it now, including some details on improved networking.

AOSP code mentions Pixel 3

The team over at XDA Developers got its hands on AOSP, where it found a configuration element that would show how the new Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), HAL V_1_2, would be compatible only with Pixel 3. In plain English, it’s an interface layer that acts as a bridge between the Android framework and hardware. The new automatic network selection is based on HAL V_1_2, so to go straight to the point, the future Pixel 3 could scan for networks more quickly or offer exclusive radio features.

This HAL, combined with the new API dedicated to network scanning, which is mentioned several times in the code, could allow the device to reduce energy consumption during network scanning–one of the factors that weighs most on the battery. But we can only guess for now.

Made by LG or HTC?

Around five million Pixel phones have been sold worldwide, and if it weren’t for limited supply, Google might have been able to sell even more. The Investor, a Korean news site, reports that an industry insider says “Google is seeking a new partner for the phone’s stable supply,” and that it is likely LG may even help produce some of the upcoming Pixel 2 phones, which are to be launched later this year.

HTC, the manufacturer of the Pixel phones thus far, would be out of the picture, it seems, and LG would be taking up the task of producing Google’s phones again. LG previously made the firm’s Nexus smartphones in 2012, 2013 and 2015. Google may even be planning to invest around $900 million in LG Display’s OLED production, according to The Investor’s sources. Though all of this is merely unconfirmed speculation according to LG.

It will run Android 9.0 P natively

The Pixel 3 will run Android P. The name of the future software version is still a mystery but the first Developer Preview has already been released and you can take a look at the first features implemented:

AndroidPIT android p 1091
The Pixel 3 devices will get the upcoming Android P. / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

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