Give me your top five reasons why BlackBerry 10 is still better than Android


I’ve been with Android for the last 7 months and it’s not a bad os but blackberry 10 made me more productive business wise then android ever could.

1. The hub. Without the hub I tend to miss emails and social network notifications. I have 8 email addresses, 3 instagrams, 3 Facebooks, 3 twitters and so one. Keeping track of these on android is a nightmare.

2. Right out of the box productivity. I could do so much more right out of the box on bb10 that I barley needed the amount of apps I do on android. I own a business and bb10 made promoting my business easy.

3. The keyboard. I switched to apple back in 2010, then bought the z10 when it was released, upgraded to the z30 on its release, then the passport. I could not believe how easy it was to bang out full page emails, edit spread sheets etc until my passport. It literally was my mini computer, my Macbook became almost irrelevant because of my passport. I could hook it up to a screen with a mouse and do everything.

4. The os. Bb10 is a more fluid os then android and much more advanced then ios. My Galaxy s6 constantly force closes and drops frames, slows down and I have to go through cleaning the cache and data off apps or delete some apps in general. Ios is a fluid is, but it literally needs an app to do the most simple things.

5. Data management. All my bb10 devices handle data pretty well, with this s6 if there’s WiFi but the single gets low it switches to my data, and has ran my data up and made my bill high on multiple occasions. There’s a setting they never told me about that restricts that but it’s not activated out the box. Never had that problem on bb10.

I’m getting another passport, but after I get the BlackBerry PRIV.ones just to tight at the moment but I’ve always loved and always will love what about.

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