Free 1GB of data for EE’s London customers

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If you’re not with EE and live outside of the M25, you may want to look away now. Everyone else: I have good news! EE is giving away a free gigabyte of mobile data to its London customers, giving you more bandwidth to tweet about Tube delays, pop-up restaurants and how awful Oxford Street is in the evening.

Why only Londoners? Well, it’s to celebrate the company being awarded the best mobile network for the capital for five years running by RootMetrics, apparently. EE swept the board at the biannual awards last month, and is giving something back to its customers by way of thanks.

How to claim your free gigabyte of data from EE

To claim your free data, just text “London” to 150. An extra gigabyte will be added to your account at the start of your next billing cycle, and you have until 22 March to claim it. EE says all pay-monthly, SIM and small-business customers with an address in the Greater London area are eligible, but given the text is free it doesn’t hurt to try even if you’re outside, I guess.

If you’re eligible, EE should have texted you, but not if you’ve opted out of marketing messages. Opting out doesn’t mean you won’t be allowed the extra data, just that they can’t tell you about it.

I’ve just tried it myself, and it works:

For bitter non-Londoners feeling a bit left out, I have a crumb of comfort for you. Despite EE winning in London five years running, RootMetrics is pretty clear that the capital isn’t great for mobile reception overall. While Leicester, Nottingham and Leeds/Bradford were the regions with the best network performance, London was bumbling along the bottom with Bristol and Cardiff. Something else for us to grumble about with our extra data, I suppose.

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