Football Manager 2019: Features, release date and what we want

Football Manager 2019 is almost certainly 11 months away, at the time of writing. Football Manager 2018 only emerged a couple of months ago, after all, and the series does seem to follow a strict schedule.

But with the season in full swing and a World Cup to look forward to this summer, it doesn’t hurt to look to the future. So without further ado, here’s what we know about Football Manager 2019, as well as some feature requests if anyone from Sports Interactive just happens to be reading…

Football Manager 2019: Features

Football Manager 2018 offered a plethora of updates, including changes to everything from the match engine to off-the-pitch power struggles. Does that mean this year’s is going to be an incremental update building on that?

Well maybe, but possibly not. Although there is zero concrete information about what Football Manager 2019 will contain, we do know that Sports Interactive tend to work on new features for years before they’re included. In an interview with FourFourTwo in 2016, Miles Jacobson said:  “Normally we’ve got a few features that people have been working on in advance – not everything can be done in a year. So if we wanted to have some new fancy technology that might take a team of two people 18 months to do, they’ll be working on that for one of the future games.

“There are definitely some things in FM 2017 that we’ve been working on for multiple years, and there are some features for FM 18 that people who finished their work on ‘17 have already started working on.”

By that logic, it sounds like some of the features to arrive in Football Manager 2019 will have been worked on since late 2016 – but time will tell as to what these might be.

Football Manager 2019: Release date

One thing we can be virtually certain about is the release date. Like the football season it models itself on, Football Manager follows a very set schedule.

  • Football Manager 2010 – October 30
  • Football Manager 2011 – November 5
  • Football Manager 2012 – October 21
  • Football Manager 2013 – November 2
  • Football Manager 2014 – October 31
  • Football Manager 2015 – November 7
  • Football Manager 2016 – November 13
  • Football Manager 2017 – November 4
  • Football Manager 2018 – November 10

Early November then. The first Friday this year falls on the 2nd. Either that or the 9th seems like a good bet going on recent form, but we’ll be updating this page as soon as something more concrete is confirmed.

Football Manager 2019: Our wishlist

Women’s leagues

It is 2018 and it’s surely only a matter of time before women’s teams make their way to Football Manager.

FIFA 16 added a small number of women’s international teams and has added more with each successive version, but this would be a bigger undertaking in some respects. Although the player likenesses wouldn’t be necessary, there are plenty of clubs to be added – 101 in England alone.

Temporary jobs

In real life football, caretaker management is an increasingly popular HR strategy. Someone brought in with a limited amount of time remaining to save the club from relegation. We’d like to see this kind of temporary contract brought to Football Manager 2019 – where you’re only staying until the end of the season. Though of course, if you do well enough, the chairman could agree to make you permanent.

Interfering owners

One very real aspect of the beautiful game that hasn’t been satisfactorily replicated so far is the role of the meddling chairman. We’ve seen them at a number of clubs: they want to have their say on the team, from transfer targets to formations.

We’d like to see this replicated in game – with their reputation proceeding them. You’re offered a job at a big club with a big budget… but an unpredictable chairman who might make you play his son every week. There would be a risk/reward element to this – if you do well in such trying circumstances, other chairmen will take note that you’re a force to be reckoned with

Updated Brexit mode

In the last two versions, Brexit was simulated. The game would randomly select a severity level from hard Brexit – a return to the bad old days of players needing work permits – to barely any change in the softest version.

Now we have (some) more clarity in the vision of Brexit we’re ending up with, this will probably be a little more refined. But as a still-depressed Remain voter, please Sports Interactive, let us turn it off. I come to games to get away from the misery of the real world…

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