Fix Error Code C1900107 While Windows 10 installation

If you are trying to upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 PC to Windows 10, you might come across Error Code C1900107 while installing. Downloading windows 10 should not be a problem for you but you can see Unknown Error Code C1900107 while installation process.

The error prevents you to upgrade to windows 10 no matter what you do. But Today we will be discussing couple of ways to fix this error on your own.

Reason behind Error Code C1900107 in Windows 10

Error Code C1900107 While Windows 10 installation

Following are the few reasons why you are seeing this error on you Pc or laptop.

  1. Not enough space for Windows 10 & Windows.old folder in Primary drive.
  2. Not Enough Space in System Reserved Partition.
  3. Faulty or Corrupt Windows 10 files.

First 2 Reasons are not always the Culprit but mentioning them is necessary as most of the windows installation error are caused because of Not enough space.

The 3rd Reason is the Culprit in most of the case and might be as well in yours. So now that we know the reasons of Windows 10 couldn’t be installed Error Code C1900107, let us now go ahead and see how to fix this error.

Fixing Error Code C1900107 in Windows 10

Ok, So to fix this error we will be finding $Windows.~BT Folder in your primary drive which is C:. This folder might contain corrupt files which is preventing you to install windows 10, It is hidden and we need to unhide it. Follow the below steps.

Step 1. Open File explorer or Alternatively double click on This PC or My Computer.

Step 2. Now from the top Option Click on View, Then Check the Box that says Hidden items.

Step 3. Now you will be able to see hidden files and folders. Navigate to C:$Windows.~BT and Rename the folder to something like $Windows.~BT1.

Step 4. After that Try and Download Windows 10 again, The Installation Process should go through this time without any errors like code C1900107.

Still Getting Installation error Code C1900107? Try this.

After following the above steps perfectly, if you still get the same error then you might want to try this.

  • Go to C:WindowsSoftware DistributionDownload, Now delete all the files from this download folder. Remember don’t delete the folder itself, Just delete the files.
  • Now this time Delete $Windows.~BT Folder totally. Might ask you for administrator permission, simply click yes.

Now try and Install or upgrade to windows 10. This should work too just in case the above steps fails to help you fix Windows 10 installation error C1900107. If this post helps you then take couple of seconds and let us know in Comments below.

Thank you have visited this post Fix Error Code C1900107 While Windows 10 installation. We wish this post can help you to resolve the error on your devices … 🙂

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