Fitbit’s new ‘mass appeal’ smartwatch is called the Versa

Recently we revealed exclusive images and information about Fitbit’s next smartwatch, the “mass appeal” watch teased by CEO James Park. We’ve now updated this story as a name has been revealed. According to the unstoppable leakster Evan Blass, the watch will be called the Fitbit Versa.

Wareable understands that the new watch will serve as a replacement to the Fitbit Blaze, but the company has christened it with a unique name. Blass has a famously good track record with his leaks, so we’ve every reason to believe that Versa is indeed the name of the new device.

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Last year reports claimed that a new Blaze was being worked on, and we can confirm that the new watch will run the same Fitbit OS software that first appeared in the Ionic. After its admission that the Fitbit Ionic wasn’t the hit the company had hoped for, Fitbit is pinning its hopes that this new smartwatch will draw in a larger audience.

Fitbit's new 'mass appeal' smartwatch is called the Versa
Credit: Evan Blass

According to one source familiar with the company’s plans, who asked to remain anonymous, Fitbit was aware that the Ionic didn’t have mass market appeal. “It wants this to be something that will appeal to a larger, more general smartwatch audience,” they told us.

Specifically, Fitbit wants something that appeals more to the female market, they said; the Ionic has a large, unattractive design and only comes in one size. Sources tell Wareable that the new watch is smaller than the Ionic, bringing it closer to the size of the first Blaze.

Fitbit's 'mass appeal' smartwatch revealed: pics and info on the company's new

We can confirm that the watch will be water resistant to 50m, making it just the third ever Fitbit device able to withstand swimming. It also comes in four colors: black, silver, rose gold, and a charcoal, with a range of straps as pictured above.

Fitbit's 'mass appeal' smartwatch revealed: pics and info on the company's new

The watch will also have the same relative SpO2 sensor that debuted on the Ionic, sources said, meaning the new watch will be able to monitor for sleep apnea when Fitbit enables this feature across its devices. We can confirm it won’t have GPS, however.

Fitbit's 'mass appeal' smartwatch revealed: pics and info on the upcoming wearable

Fitbit's 'mass appeal' smartwatch revealed: pics and info on the company's new

Finally, you can expect a lower price than the Ionic. Fitbit wants this get this on a lot of wrists while bringing more developers into the fold. The squared design of the new watch is certainly nicer on the eyes than the Ionic, and a little reminiscent of the Pebble Time 2. In fact, sources say that before closing its doors, Pebble had plans for a touchscreen smartwatch not too dissimilar in design.

When asked for comment, Fitbit told us that it had “no news to share at this time”.

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