Error code NP-38564-6 in PlayStation – Possible Fix

Couple of days ago we posted how to Fix CE-38606-3 error in PlayStation which pops up while downloading themes. But, Today We are covering Possible fix to Error code NP-38564-6 for PlayStation Users.

What happens is, Players are kicked out of Party chat unexpectedly and the screens shows “Left Party because of Network Error”. It says Network Error but your connections might be Strong enough.

Whenever you are in party, you can get Error code NP-38564-6 popping up on your screen. This happens again and again for few users. We are here to Share a Possible Solution to this error which you may try right now.

Fixing PlayStation Error NP-38564-6

To fix this issue in your PlayStation 4, you will need to reset it. Resetting doesn’t guarantee that your problem will be fixed but it might just work for some of you. Try these steps:

  1. Open PlayStation Settings.
  2. Initialize.
  3. Restore Default Settings
  4. Follow instructions shown on the Screen.

Once the reset process completes, you will need to Configure your PS4 again. Just like you did when you first bought it. After reset, you will require to log in again to Start using like you did before.

The error NP-38564-6 is still relatively new for PlayStation users and so we are yet to find more ways to fix it. If you have any other method that helped you fix the issue, then kindly share it in comments below.

Thank you have visited this post Error code NP-38564-6 in PlayStation – Possible Fix. We wish this post can help you to resolve the error on your devices … 🙂

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