Enables Metro Window In Windows 10

One of the main new features of Windows 10 is around the expected start menu of Microsoft, however, Metro completely and the new Windows 10 is not removed allows us to choose whether we want to use the operating system with a start menu renovated in the style Windows 7 or enable window Metro Windows 8 and 8.1 specially designed for touch devices.

By default, the operating system comes with the start menu enabled, but it can be changed by Metro without additional software. To do this we simply press the right mouse button on the task bar and open the menu “Propierties”.


A window similar to the following settings will appear.

enable metro view in windows10

In this window we must choose the “Start Menu” tab to see the following.

The first option will be to see “Use the Start Menu Instead of the Start Screen”. This option tells the operating system you want to enable the start menu by default instead of Metro. If you uncheck this tab the new menu is disabled and can still use Windows 10 with the same features as Windows 8, especially designed for touch interfaces.

We will close in as we requested the window that appears to finish off the menu and implement the new


Microsoft has also introduced a number of improvements in this window Metro, for example, from the Properties> Navigation tab can choose whether we want this window to load on startup (as by default it will boot the conventional desktop) and even the ability to load the desktop when we close all applications Metro instead of staying at this interface back to the desktop.


Excellent customization options for the new Windows 10 to be able to adapt to the tastes and needs of all users regardless of the platform on which it runs.

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