Do you know an iPhone 7 Plus from an LG G6 or HTC 10? Fiendish quiz puts your phone knowledge to the test

Using just photos of the rear of each handset, with the logos removed, can you pick out the correct smartphones from a line-up?

Samsung was recently ordered to pay rival Apple a staggering $539 million (£403 million) in damages for copying the iPhone’s design and infringing on a number of Apple patents. It was the latest in an ongoing battle between the tech giants that has been raging since 2011. 

Yet it’s not a standalone case, for decades phone manufacturers have been taking potshots at each other over IP theft, chipmakers have waded in, and even loyal fans have defended their favourite brands when a competitor claimed to have caused some sort of technological revolution. After Apple added wireless charging and NFC chips to the iPhone, for example, Android fans globally accused the company of simply copying what had been available on Samsung and Huawei phones for years.

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Sadly, though, it’s a sign of the times; the homogenisation of phones has reached a tipping point. Unless you opt for Nokia’s 8110 “banana phone”, or Blackberry’s KEYone, you’re stuck with choosing between one black, approximately 6in phone with curved edges and a dual camera and another with a slightly smaller bezel, or marginally brighter screen. 

And if you don’t believe us, we’ve created a quiz to showcase just how similar the latest models from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Moto, Nokia and more really are. Think you know your HTC 10 from your LG G6 purely from the back of the device? Prove it! 

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