Detroit: Become Human – Everything we know so far

Everything we know about Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream is bringing another neo-noir thriller to our screens with Detroit: Become Human, a futuristic adventure inspired by the 2012 Kara tech demo.

In development exclusively for PS4, Detroit: Become Human will feature multiple playable characters throughout its story. Much like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, it will no doubt provide a tense and dramatic experience. Let’s just hope it does away with the dodgy accents and awkward sex scenes.

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Detroit: Become Human release date – When is it coming out?

Sony is yet to confirm an official release date for Become Human, but a recent post on the PlayStation blog listed a launch date of 2017 on PS4. However, Sony president Shuhei Yoshida later clarified on Twitter this was listed in error, perhaps confirming the game will not release this year, meaning we’ll have a pretty long wait to see more:

It’s safe to assume the game will support PS4 Pro as well, being a first-party exclusive.

Detroit: Become Human gameplay – How does it play?

Detroit: Become Human is a third-person adventure played from the perspective of multiple characters. Past games by Quantic Dream had a clearly defined narrative, with the life of each character in your hands, the player. The story will play out differently depending on the choices you make, taking characters through various locations and encounters. However, unlike past games, you can gather clues throughout the environment that can help inform the decisions you make in potentially fatal scenarios.

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Detroit: Become Human story – What’s it about?

The basic plot of Detroit: Become Human remains a mystery, although it’s easy to take a guess once you look at the central themes at play. Two playable characters have been confirmed thus far. The first is Kara, an android with artificial consciousness, who finds herself living among humans who struggle to define her role in society.

The second is Connor, a cybernetically advanced police officer, tasked with hunting down rogue androids that have deviated from their programming and pose a threat to the common people. This decent mixture of character tropes should allow us to make some interesting moral decisions as the story progresses, upping the tension in some intriguing ways.

Detroit: Become Human trailer – How does it look?

Quantic Dream has shown off Detroit: Become Human a handful of times since its initial reveal in October 2015, and the Blade Runner-inspired thriller has impressed on more than one occasion.

We’ve compiled all the trailers below:

Detroit Become Human Reveal Trailer:

E3 2016 trailer:

E3 2017 trailer:

Detroit: Become Human – Things we’d like to see


Gameplay that’s goes beyond just quick-time events

It’s safe to say that Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls relied far more on their narrative than gameplay. The formula of both games depended on simple exploration, high-octane set pieces and a continuous sequence of quick-time events. This worked well when exploring small environments and interacting with important objects, but rarely made the world itself feel alive. Detroit: Become Human should expand each character’s sense of freedom with meaningful gameplay mechanics that don’t result in immediate permadeath.

Two distinct play-styles

Kara and Connor are both androids, but on a fundamental level, they’re very different people. Their differences in personality should translate over to the gameplay, through your actions and dialogue. Kara could act as the sympathetic foundation of Become Human, interacting with NPCS and forming a human connection with the in-game world. Connor, on the other hand, serves to be a more analytical mind, scouring crime scenes in search of the most minute clues and forensic slip-ups. Quantic Dream could also implement elements of gun play into Connor’s sections, shaking up your typical sleuthing with a sudden confrontation.

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Drastically different endings

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are renown for their impressive replay value, letting us revisit key scenes and experience them in completely different ways. You may even miss some parts altogether, depending on which characters make it through the ordeal. Despite this variety, the conclusion of the aforementioned games followed a similar pattern after multiple playthroughs. The narrative revelations never differed, making the arc of each character a chore to revisit.

We’d love to see Detroit: Become Human blow us away with vastly different playthroughs that scrutinize our every move and how it impacts the streets of Detroit. It’s unlikely, but potentially incredible.

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