Deal: Save £87 on the innovative Nuraphone headphones for one day only

As part of Amazon’s Daily Deals, you can save £87.25 (25%) off the usual price of the Nuraphone. Act fast before this deal is gone.

It’s not often that headphones come around with any particular innovation. The Nuraphone bucks that trend by crafting some customised sound that’s tailored to your own hearing.

While you normally make a choice between headphones and earphones, the Nuraphone is, well, both. As such, they look different from anything else out there.

Our review said, “they’re actually some of the best-sounding headphones you’ll find for their £350 price.” Well, the good news is that you don’t have to pay £350 if you bag a pair today from Amazon.

For the next few hours, you can save £87.25 off the usual price, making these a veritable bargain. That’s the cheapest they’ve ever been available from Amazon, so an absolute steal.

On the sound quality, our reviewer had this to say: “As a result of the sound customisation, your experience may vary from mine. However, the sound signature that the Nuraphone aim for is superb.” He concluded: “The Nuraphone are a bold set of headphones, which go beyond simply capitalising on current trends in the market. Their tech sounds like the stuff of fantasy – but it’s real, and it works.”

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