BlackBerry launches new direct device sales program for business owners and IT administrators

This to me is a great sign for the hardware business. As an individual who loves BlackBerry, uses my passport on an hourly basis for work and personal life alike, and believes bb10 to be the best, most capable, versatile, fluid mobile os availiable today, this is wonderful news. This new probably would’ve been better and more widely received had it been in conjunction with a new phone release, but that’s kind of to be expected BlackBerry; unfortunately. But still I’ll take it as it is for what it’s worth. In my humble, ‘limited-expertise’ opinion, I think BlackBerry would do well to put together one massive marketing release, targeting the very essence of what a smartphone is, what is expected of it, and people’s perception of them. In other words they need to truly showcase what bb10 can offer people. I will be the first to agree that BlackBerry is more of a work and productivity device than it is social, such as say and iphone is MUCH more of a social device. But even that being said, bb10 has so much more natively built into its software than any other mobile os out there. The tragedy of this however is that no one knows it’s out there and availiable. Even someone who loves and uses the BlackBerry CONSTANTLY, I still don’t use or implement half of what the phone is capable of. So again, my two cents to BlackBerry would be you need to spend some money, even if there isn’t much to be had, to put out a message with just enough info to take a shot at the idea of the modern smartphone Era, but yet keep the consumer curious enough to take the next step and get there interest peaked to where they begin to look for research and demand the new age of smartphone productivity, security (hello apple/FBI), utility, and whatever else our crazy world throws at us next. Okay I’ll get off my soapbox podium now…


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