Best Valentine’s Tech Gifts for Her

Your sweetheart deserves the best this Valentine’s day. Here are the best gifts for the tech lover in your life.

Updated February 2017 for Valentine’s Day.

As Valentine’s day approaches, there are any number of passionate presents you could get for your significant other. Instead of traditional candy, flowers, or jewelry, why not consider one of these awesome tech gifts for the lady in your life.

  • Fujifilm Instax camera
  • Case-Mate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet
  • Fitbit Flex 2 with Pendant or Bangle
  • Lumee Duo iPhone case
  • Ringly notification ring
  • Parrot Pot

Fujifilm Instax camera

The Polaroid camera went the way of the dinosaur a few years back, but was quickly resurrected by fans of the medium in a variety of different devices. Fujifilm capitalized on the popularity of instant film cameras with its mini Instax. Take a snapshot of your picnic and produce a tiny photograph that measures about 2.5×2 inches instantly. You can then stick a magnet on the backside and have your memories by your side anywhere there is a metal surface. The lady in your life will love to have an instant selfie with you to remember the moment you gave her the Instax as a gift.

It’s available in a variety of colors and you can get cute accessories for it. There are even colorful film borders to make your photos pop. Don’t forget the film!

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Case-Mate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet

Your sweetheart can stay connected without looking like a tech geek with this fashionable gold bracelet from Case-Mate. It is a simple notification device that can connect to your iPhone or Android device with a dedicated app. She can set up which notifications she would like to receive and which ones she doesn’t need to be bothered by. So, when you’re out on the town, she can keep track of important communications while looking like a million bucks.

The Rebecca Minkoff notification bracelet comes in gold with black accents.

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Fitbit Flex 2 with Pendant or Bangle

You don’t have to look like a yoga instructor in order to get the most out of your fitness tracker. Fitbit’s second-edition Flex is a removable tracker that can be placed into any properly fitted holder. The company offers two stylish jewelry pieces so your significant other can look fashionable while keeping track of her daily activities. The pendant comes with a long rope-style adjustable necklace and the bangle clasps loosely around the wrist.

The Fitbit Bangle comes in 22 karat gold-plated, 22 karat rose gold-plated, or stainless steel. The Pendant comes in 22 Karat gold-plated or stainless steel. The tracker is not included, so don’t forget the Flex 2!

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Lumee Duo iPhone case

Whether taking a selfie or a snapshot, your S.O. can take perfect pictures in the dark with the Lumee Duo. This updated version of the popular light-ring style case is back with double the lighting. When you’re snuggled up, taking selfies at the beach or across the table at a romantic candlelit dinner, you can use the Lumee Duo for great lighting.

It comes in black, gold, or rose. The Lumee Duo is available for the iPhone 6s and 7, as well as the iPhone 6s Plus and 7 Plus.

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Ringly notification ring

If the lady in your life is not a fan of wrist-worn accessories, she can still stay connected in style with the Ringly notification ring. It is made with a semi-precious gemstone set on a simple band. When you receive a notification, you can get a vibration or a light notification. She can also set which notifications she does or does not want with the companion app for iPhone or Android.

Ringly comes in Onyx with Gunmetal, Rainbow Moonstone with gold, and Tourmalated quartz with Gunmetal. Make sure you get her ring size before you make your purchase.

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Parrot Pot

You know what’s better than a bouquet of flowers that just dies a few days after you get them? A potted plant that could literally last a lifetime. You know what’s better than a basic potted plant? A smart pot that will help you keep your plant alive for as long as humanly possible. The Parrot Pot is a connected flowerpot that does the watering for you. It has four built-in sensors to keep track of sunlight, the soil’s moisture, the plant’s light, and fertilizer levels. The connected app lets you know if you need to move your blossoms to more light and when it’s time to add some vitamins. “Plant Sitter” mode lets you set up a watering schedule to take care of your flora while you are away.

The Parrot Pot comes in white, black, or red and is big enough to hold a small to medium plant. While you’re picking up a Parrot Pot, you might as well get yourself a drone, too.

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