Best Smart Locks in 2018

Upgrade your door lock to make home security a little more convenient! Here are the best smart locks full of brains and brawn to protect your home.

Whether you’re just tired of losing your keys, or you’re already in the process of automating your home, a key part of this process is choosing a smart lock that fits your needs. Take a look at our list of the best smart locks to help you decide.

Best smart locks that support HomeKit

  • August Smart Lock
  • Kwikset Premis
  • Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Best smart locks if you don’t require HomeKit support

  • Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock
  • Schlage Connect
  • Yale Real Living

Best smart locks that support HomeKit


The August smart lock’s appearance is immediately striking and will give any door a futuristic look — with your choice of dark gray or silver finishes. You can use your smartphone to remotely unlock or lock your door, or you can set up a proximity lock: Your door will unlock when you get approach with your phone and lock when you move away.

August’s smart lock is listed among the Wirecutter’s choices for best smart lock, especially for those who prefer to keep their existing hardware (I’m looking at you, renters!).

August lets you create virtual keys for friends and family staying at your place, and keep tabs on the comings and goings of your household using a built-in 24/7 activity log. The August smart lock requires no wiring and installs using an existing deadbolt. It’s also HomeKit-enabled, so you can use Siri and the new Home app to control your locks.

Consider the August if you’d like a smart lock that keeps track of activity and is fully compatible your iPhone and iPad. You can grab the August Smart Lock for about $230 on Amazon.

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Kwikset Premis

The Kwikset Premis smart lock features a capacitive touchscreen keypad in an all-metal enclosure. It comes in two finishes: Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze.

You can lock and unlock your door using the keypad, the Kwikset app, or — thanks to HomeKit compatibility — Siri. The Premis offers up ongoing lock status information, so you can see who locked and unlocked your door and when they did it. It also features some handy security improvements, like an alarm that sounds after three incorrect code entries and SecureScreen, which requires you to touch two random numbers before entering your code (so no one can use your fingerprints to guess your entry code).

The Kwikset Premis is a great smart lock for anyone who wants a well-designed lock from a trusted company, but you’ll need to be comfortable with replacing your door hardware. The Kwikset Premis is available on Amazon for about $230.

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Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

For those especially concerned with security, the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt meets the highest industry rating for security. Access combinations can have up to eight digits, and its memory holds up to 30 access codes at a time making it perfect for large families with frequent trusted visitors. It has a built-in alarm which goes off during tampering attempts or following damage to your door, and it comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty.

The Schlage Sense comes in three finishes in two separate trims, so it can better fit in with your existing exterior hardware.

You can connect the Schlage Sense to Apple’s HomeKit to further optimize your home.

The Schlage Sense is a great option for anyone who wants a high security rating with the convenience of a smart lock. You can pick up one of these smart locks for about $200 on Amazon.

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Best smart locks if you don’t require HomeKit support

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Given that this smart lock consistently receives a Wirecutter recommendation and it’s also a popular, best-selling product, we have no problem giving Kwikset’s Kevo smart lock a place on our list.

The Kevo comes in two styles: a full replacement for your existing deadbolt or an August-Smart-Lock-style conversion kit that fits into your existing deadbolt.

Kevo offers a keyless, touch-to-open feature by using Bluetooth technology to recognize your smartphone and authenticate your identity. You needn’t go searching for your keys — just touch the deadbolt and unlock!

To keep track of your Kevo lock outside of the home, you can purchase the Kevo Plus — a WiFi connected device that gives you remote access to your smart lock.

Kevo is a great option for just about anyone looking to upgrade their dumb deadbolt — so long as you’re not interested in HomeKit compatibility. Amazon lists the Kevo Smart Lock and Kevo Plus Hub for about $280.

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Yale Real Living

Yale’s Real Living smart lock features a backlit touchscreen keypad that makes your door look futuristic and secure at the same time. If the appearance of security isn’t enough to deter would-be thieves, a built-in alarm will sound when someone attempts to tamper with the lock or when too many attempts have been made with the wrong code. The Real Living smart lock features Z-Wave technology so you can tie it into most home automation systems and control it remotely with your phone. Up to 250 unique entrance codes can be created for friends and family, and you can lock them all out with privacy mode — ideal for when you’re out of town.

Available in three colors — oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, or satin nickel — you should check out Yale’s Real Living smart lock if you’re in the market for a lock that is easy to install and set-up. You can get Yale’s Real Living smart lock for about $100 on Amazon.

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Schlage Connect

The Schlage Lever smart lock is ideal for those of you with no deadbolt on your door. It features Z-Wave technology so you can hook it up with your home automation system and control it remotely with your phone. And communication works both ways: You can receive text or email alerts anytime your door is locked or unlocked.

This smart lock has a touchscreen keypad for entering your entry code. There’s also a vacation mode to disable all codes while you’re away. The two-piece system is available in aged bronze, polished bright brass, or a satin nickel finish to suit your home’s style.

If you enjoy receiving up-to-the-minute information about the activity in your home, have a look at the Schlage Lever. It’s available for about $185 on Amazon.

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Your favorite smart lock?

Let us know is the comments section below what you use to keep your home safe!

Updated January 2018: Out with the old and in with the new! This article has been updated to reflect pricing changes for our favorite smart locks.

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