Best Fitbit Versa watch faces: Our faves

Fitbit watch faces have been a bit of a surprise hit with use here at team Wareable. While all the noise around the launch of Fitbit’s first smartwatch was about the apps, we’ve actually found ourselves spending more time deciding whether to go retro, analog or to have all those fitness tracking stats on show.

That Pebble DNA is beginning to shine through and while making watch faces for the Fitbit Versa and Ionic smartwatches is still definitely very much a job for clever devs who know what they’re doing, those devs have been hard at work making more of those faces available.

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With the arrival of the Pebble-looking Versa, the number of watch faces have noticeably grown and we’ve been trying out a lot of them. We’ve picked out the Versa watch faces we’re loving right now and why we’ve got a lot of love for them. Hopefully you agree with our selections.

Got a fave you think we should take a look at? Let us know in the comments section below.

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best fitbit versa watch faces

Just like the Apple Watch, the Fitbit Versa also allows you to add your favourite photos as your watch face. Photographs allows you to make any image within your smartphone’s camera roll, pinch and resize to your taste and then add it to the smartwatch. Unfortunately, this face doesn’t come with the option to customize the placing of the date and time, or indeed the color or metrics shown, but it’s definitely one worth exploring if you don’t necessarily need to see your stats every time you flick your wrist.

Weather Land

best fitbit versa watch faces

As the name suggests, this Versa face is all about the weather showing you the current temperature alongside a scenic, geometric-style background. You can even display some of those fitness stats. It’s one of the best looking watch faces currently available, but it does come at a small price. You can live with the face for 24 hours, but then you’ll need to pay $1 to unlock it forever. It also takes a bit longer than your average Fitbit watch face to download, but it’s well worth the wait.

Heart rate monitor

best fitbit versa watch faces

When Fitbit OS 2.0 launched it brought the new Today dashboard making it easier to view resting and average heart rate data. Heart rate monitor embraces that data and takes full advantage of the Versa’s screen to display HR data from the last seven minutes. When your heart rate spikes or drops, it changes color to indicate the different heart rate zones. It looks like it’s been inspired by the graphs used inside of the Fitbit companion app and if you care about keeping an eye on your ticker, it’s an essential download.


best fitbit versa watch faces

One of our favourites from the Ionic also makes it across to the Versa, with Arrows allowing you to get a clean, colourful look at your day. You’ll get six stats spots available on the face, with the metrics and colours of the top four arrows all able to be changed. Even the background colour can be toggled, making this one of the more customizable options within the store. You’ll initially get a 24-hour free trial with Arrows on your wrist before having to subscribe.

Sliding Puzzle

best fitbit versa watch faces

Essentially a more detailed version of the Fitbit’s Boxy face from the Ionic, Sliding Puzzle lets you interact with the tiles in order to change their colour or rearrange by tapping the blank space. And besides that, the style still gives you a glanceable look at all your key stats, with the settings section allowing you to set the clock preference.


best fitbit versa watch faces

Sometimes you just want that data front and centre and easy to glance at when you look down at your wrist. This is one watch face that certainly delivers on that front. If you want to know if you’re nailing your steps or need to keep a closer tabs on your resting heart rate, this big, bold Versa exclusive face is one of the slickest options to get onto your smartwatch.

Dark Side

best fitbit versa watch faces

Pink Floyd fans (or any proper music fans) will know the inspiration for this Versa watch face. But it’s more than just a simple homage to that iconic album cover. The colours can be configured to indicate the time, date with the coloured part indicating your fitness tracking progress. It’s one of the best examples of a face that displays data in a really unique way.

About Time

best fitbit versa watch faces

Similar to the FlashRing and Moment Clocks faces from the Fitbit Ionic, About Time gives you a layout which includes four stats icons — steps, active minutes, heart rate and calories — below the time and date. You won’t be able to customize these, unfortunately, but they do give you a simple and reliable option to keep coming back to.

Mood Log

best fitbit versa watch faces

This is one from the Fitbit Labs, the place where Fitbit tests experimental features, apps and watch faces. Mood Log is a really simply looking analog watch face that lets you toggle between HR, calories burned, steps and active minute stats. Its special feature is the ability to leave markers to indicate your mood leaving a small yellow dot as mood markers. You can set up custom reminders to make sure you log your mood and energy levels and then you can check your data over on your mood log page on the Fitbit web dashboard.

Retro Sunset V

best fitbit versa watch faces

This 80s inspired watch faces just looks great. Tapping in the centre switches between all that important health data including steps, distance and calories burned. It first appeared on the Ionic and now it’s adapted for the Versa and it’s without doubt one of our faves to show off that bright, vibrant screen.


best fitbit versa watch faces

One which gives you the option to have an analogue or digital styling, Flux also brings one of the most adjustable faces in Fitbit’s arsenal. You can change the colour and set the opacity of every strip, enable a battery indicator, time counter and even flatten the design entirely. If nothing else, this one will definitely keep you busy while you fine-tune the bars to fit your taste.


best fitbit versa watch faces

This watch face makes us think of that Metro tiled UI from Microsoft’s Windows Phones and Band fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrid and it works really nicely on the Versa. You can display all of your data including elevation, heart rate and the steps. Crucially, you can customize which tiles the data appears on.


best fitbit versa watch faces

It’s another retro, 80s inspired entry that we love just because it looks the part on that curvy Versa screen. The flowing, animated streams of colour only come alive when the wake up the watch, plus you can adjust the data displayed. The focus is on time as opposed to fitness, but that’s quite alright with us.

Biorhythm Time

best fitbit versa watch faces

In no way affiliated with BBC Radio 6 Music’s weekly show (well, we don’t think it is), this Versa watch face is dominated by an analog face and three icons down the side that when tapped launch you into a chart plotting your physical, emotional and intellectual moments over a 30-day period. We are not entirely sure how it achieves that, but what we do know is that you have a great deal of colours to pick from if you want to change the look of the colour on pretty much every element of this unique watch face.

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