Android 8 “O”: What will Google call Android 7 Nougat successor?

With Google’s sweet tooth guiding the Android naming process, what will Android 8 “O” be called?

With Android 8 “Nougat” now out in the wild, it’s time to move on and start speculating about what’s coming next. We won’t get to see much about Android 8 until Google’s I/O developer conference next year but, if we follow the company’s naming conventions, 2017’s release will revolve around the letter “O”.

Seeing as every release since Android 1.5 “Cupcake” has been bestowed with the name of a sweet or dessert, we can expect Android 8 “O” to follow suit. But which desserts, chocolates or sweets could make the cut? Here are our best guesses for the next version of Android, and you’ll notice there aren’t many sweet things beginning with “O”. If you have any bright ideas, throw them into the hat by leaving a comment below.

Android 8 “O” names

  • (Terry’s Chocolate) Orange
  • Orange candy slices (you know the jelly ones your nan has at Christmas)
  • Orbit (the chewing gum)
  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Orange Soda
  • Oreo (the no-brainer, but would require a brand deal)
  • Ovaltine (can this be classed as a sweet?)
  • Oliebol (basically Dutch doughnuts)
  • Ozark Pudding (a Minnesotan delicacy, apparently)
  • Old Jamaica (it’s a Cadbury’ chocolate bar)

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