Windows 10 Mobile Build 14371 Unreported changes and issues


Windows 10 Mobile Build 14371 Unreported changes and issues

Earlier today Microsoft pushed Windows 10 Mobile Build 14371 to Windows Insiders in Fast Ring. While the official Changelog only has fixes mentioned in this build, there are some new changes that we could notice and capture in screenshots. Here are some unreported changes and issues.

Build 14371 unreported new changes:

  • A very important feature is about to arrive and its settings are already seen on Mobile Build 14371 now. We are talking about the Apps roaming or Handsoff feature that We told you to expect coming with Windows 10 Redstone. Though it is still not clear how it will work but we may come to know soon. Go to Setting—>Privacy to check it.
  • Cortana Home has some UI changes to show off.
    • The what’s new arrow is gone (Check Build 14367 Hands-on) and now you are directly taken to Cortana Home on launching Cortana.
    • The help is gone from Hamburger menu
    • If you go to Cortana settings you can notice change in options
  • Brightness has a “suggested” in place of Automatic on new devices like Lumia 550. It is not available on older devices.

Stay tuned to this thread as we will keep updating the list as we find new things.

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