Windows 10: Get Started App

Get Started is a native application for Windows 10 designed by Microsoft to provide users with information about operating system feature.

You find the application attached to the Start Menu, but may load it by tapping on the Windows-key, typing Get Started, and hitting the Enter-key as well.

While I’m usually not a fan of introductory apps or programs, as they are not very useful usually, it is rather surprising that this is not the case for the Get Started app.

That’s not to say that it is a must-access type of thing when you upgrade to Windows 10, get a new PC with the operating system, or upgrade to a new major build version.

Still, it provides a good overview of some of the unique features of Windows 10, about major upgrades, and things that you would have never come into contact with.

Get Started App

windows 10 get started

The welcome screen lists a big “what’s new in the Anniversary Update” video, as well as several other videos that highlight features such as Windows Hello or Cortana.

These give you an overview, but they don’t provide you with instructions to access or configure these features.

You need to click on the browse icon in the sidebar to get there. This opens a list of features and things that you may do on a Windows 10 computer.

You find information about personalization, search, Cortana, photos or Windows Ink there. These are categories that lead to several tutorials that the Get Started application offers.

And it is here, that you get an overview of those features and instructions on how to set them up properly.

get started

get started instructions

Instructions begin with an overview usually that uses text, images and sometimes video. You find information on how to set up a feature afterwards.

The “add features with extensions” tutorial for instance explains how to get extensions from Windows Store, and how to display an extension next to the address bar for easier access.

You may use the built-in search functionality to find tutorials or instructions of interest, or check out the what’s new section. Microsoft plans to update the tutorials regularly.

Closing Words

Get Started is not something that experienced Windows users need. It is easy enough to find features on your own, and if you read a site like mine, you don’t really need it as you know about all features before they become available publicly.

It is also clear that some areas are not covered; privacy for instance is not covered at all, a search returns zero hits.

New windows 10 users may find the Get Started application useful. It provides an overview of feature updates, and may help discover and configure features.

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